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The Dessert-Sharing Intergalactic Truce That Wasn’t

Morning of April 27, 2014. Sunday.

I am part of a Star-Trek-like team that is on a mission to a distant planet (which seems to have no oceans or larger bodies of water) where dessert recipes will be shared as a part of some sort of potential long-term truce between at least the two main groups that had been enemies. There does not seem to be any aliens, though, mostly people who live on other worlds under different laws and cultural foundations. The spaceships do not really seem like Star Trek spaceships, though. They have somewhat of an industrial look, reminding me more of the original “Battlestar Galactica” series (never saw any of the newer version).

There is a lot of focus on two large containers, which are a bit lake mason jars but fairly big. Each jar is full of apricot and pineapple jelly - with chunks of each in each mix. Both jars look like they are holding the same recipe end results even though they supposedly came from completely different cultures with different tastes and ideas about food. The pineapple pieces are about one-fifth of a circular slice. I have some of it from (I think) a different container (for “testing”) and it tastes nice. This is rather odd, as my wife and I had just had a discussion in real life about how we have hardly ever had dreams of eating anything, and even so, how the taste usually seems “off” or different somehow. In this case, though, it tastes exactly as it should (which means there is a first time for everything as my mother used to say).

Over time, there seems to be confusion about why the two desserts taste so similar. There is not any anger at that point, though, just a sort of tentative suspicion, mostly on the part of the team who has landed on the planet (the other, more seemingly militant group, remaining in orbit, it seems). However, the last scene involves the “other side”, which is a man that appears to be Chinese, who suddenly grabs both jars and stands with his team members who are now assuming an aggressive stance. They appear to be standing on a narrower wooden bridge, perpendicular to where the other group’s smaller spaceships (possibly shuttles) are “parked”.

"I fight!" he calls out as his final words of whatever their conversation was about, and still holding the two jars, planning to take both back to his world.

Suddenly, realizing that he had been deceived, the leader of the other group gives orders to shoot them down. Lasers flash out in several beams at the other group from the small spacecrafts as they rise in the air at the same time (some of the men still standing about, though, including the leader), but the members of the other group are already being beamed away safely as the lasers go through them (or rather, through their residual after-image left as the transporting is being completed) with no threat to their well-being. The other leader looks extremely annoyed and disappointed at having lost both containers of apricot and pineapple jelly and also looks worried about the intensifying war on the horizon.

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