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owl on shoulder
street curb as teeth symbol
An Owl and a Flute

Night of June 15, 2014. Sunday.

It is advised that you skip this one if you are the type to get queasy over the words “saliva” or “spit”. You have been warned.

I am in an unfamiliar area in a city, possibly a variation of a part of La Crosse somewhere near Third Street, though it “feels” of east and west orientation. There is someone I do not know who has an owl on her left shoulder and is facing the street. It is possible that it is my sister who died this year - it is not certain - I do not look directly at the person from the front and am on her right side the whole time. It seems to be late morning.

I have some sort of flute (of a golden color but somewhat matte) and am playing a few shorter repetitive melodies and it sounds nice. Eventually, however, there is excess saliva in the instrument which is much more like water that runs out onto the sidewalk, almost going onto the owl but not quite. I am somewhat embarrassed, as there are other people walking around. This happens about three times.

Eventually, my brother-in-law walks out of some sort of business, perhaps a pawn shop, from behind me, to my left. He makes a comment about not having to see someone’s spit (referring to the “water”) on the sidewalk, but is not referring to me, as he thought one of his employees had done it. The person he yells at walks past me, continuing to my right, seemingly to the east.

I ask him if I can help with anything and he points out the curb. I am to fix it up somehow, apparently by removing pieces of grass growing through cracks - and small bits of broken concrete and such. I am not sure, though, but my dream shifts to something quite different. It is something about a classmate (Kenneth W?) going to school for longer hours for some reason. It seems to be the subject of a conversation that is more like telepathy somehow.

I think the flute relates to having heard the “H.R. Pufnstuf” theme a few times recently and having it get “stuck” in my head.

Additional note: Looking back at other dreams that had something unusual or “different” relative to the curb, I believe, for me anyway, that it has something to do with teeth (relative to the whole mouth) and aspects of their present condition, perhaps, as I do have some cavities.

street curb as teeth symbol
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