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onion in cereal
Freckled Drink and Onion Cereal

Morning of November 4, 2014. Tuesday.

I seem to be much younger and living with my mother (who died years ago). The house seems somewhat of a variation of the house in Brisbane on Stadcor Street, though I am not sure of the country or state, perhaps Florida again. It seems she is also watching someone else's kids, at least two (unfamiliar) girls. Over time, there is a total lack of cohesion in any potential plot or focus. Several dream scenes repeat several times with only a small awareness of repetition while in the dream.

One event relates to having a large bowl of cereal. (The kitchen seems to be where the main bedroom was if assuming the Stadcor Street house and what would be the kitchen is the main bedroom, though not precisely mirrored as is common in some dreams.) I get what I assume is cereal (Wheat Chex or something similar), pour it in a bowl, and then pour milk on it. At first, it seems to be normal cereal. After a time, though, I notice that there are very small pieces of meat (steak), onion, and carrots in the mix. I particularly notice the onion spirals and the distinct flavor within the milk. It seems a bit "wrong" at first, but then I consider that it is just a different type of meal and eat it anyway (especially as I do not want to waste it). (On a side note, eating and actually tasting food such as within this dream is not that common for me. In fact, for me, food dreams are the least common of all.)

At one point, I am making a beverage, which I believe is an atypical mocaccino. For some reason, the drink changes colors from a darker to lighter brown. There is also some sort of flavor packet that puts red particles in the drink (similar to very small flakes of chocolate), which do not dissolve. I get the strong impression that drinking it will give me freckles (which I have never had in real life), which is not necessarily a bad thing. For a very short time, I contemplate looking in the mirror to see if the mocaccino gave me freckles. However, that thought quickly fades and this entire dream scenario repeats at least three more times in the same order.

onion in cereal
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