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wife's sister in boathouse
large wooden sign
"Alternate" Dreaming

Morning of November 3, 2014. Monday.

This was a rather atypical dream state and seemed very "new" yet still familiar. I feel very cheerful and focused (probably because the weather is suddenly much cooler and a bit rainy, and far more comfortable). However, in the dream, I was certain I was fully awake as it certainly felt like it. I am fully in-body and aware of my breathing and physical aspects. In fact, I decide that since I am "awake" (I am not lucid), I will "pretend" to be dreaming, because that sounds like an amusing idea for some reason (quite different than assuming a waking scenario in a lucid dream). I am focused very clearly on a large sign and can see the letters and design very well. Unlike with the majority of dreams, nothing changes after a fair amount of time spent looking at the environment (including the sign), which of course is even more "evidence" that I am supposedly "awake".

The large wooden sign (not quite as large as a billboard) reminds me somewhat of a cell from the periodic table or part of a "giant calendar" (my wife actually had a dream that seemed slightly linked to this one where she was looking at a large calendar - similar or same dream scenes occur quite often between us with no prior hint or "cue"). One of the isolated words says "map", but is written sideways and vertically upwards. Part of it also vaguely reminds me of computer assembly language of perhaps twenty years ago. On another level, I seem to think it is important to remember the appearance of this sign, but even though I was clear for the time, the more intricate details have faded from memory. I seem to be in Brisbane on Stadcor Street looking to the right of our second-last home. My wife appears and I make a seemingly amusing comment about how she "is in my dream" (still thinking I am fully awake).

At one point, I seem to have a cell phone. The area still seems to be somewhere near our old house in Brisbane. An unknown male calls and "explains" (supposedly based on an arrangement of several years back) how my wife was to meet him at the airport - it has something to do with helping him with something related to a friend's health or his mother's. As he is talking, I take a brick and smash the phone into tiny pieces.

From there, things are more transient. There is an unusual location that is like a cluster of boathouses where people are living in mostly one-room layouts. The cluster starts more on land and eventually goes out over the water but is also like a set of smaller apartments.

From here, it is a fairly typical in-dream idea of not-quite-right living quarters with unusual steps at the elevated entrance and it seems to be my wife's oldest sister living in the first apartment. Apparently, when anyone visits one of the other people in one of the other boathouse apartments, they have to go through her place at the beginning of the boathouse cluster (again, which is actually on land). My wife and I notice a couple (unknown) people going through the front of the first section of buildings to get to an apartment farther back on the water. My wife's sister seems somewhat frustrated at this and I think that it would be a very inconvenient place to live.

large wooden sign
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wife's sister in boathouse
dream dictionaries
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