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selling our rabbits
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Out of Time Again...

Morning of October 28, 2014. Tuesday.

I am in the distant past again, in Cubitis. It seems to possibly be 1973 or 1974 at the latest and I am apparently twelve or thirteen years old. However, things are different. The chicken shed is still a rabbit shed in-dream. We are supposedly going to be moving soon (we actually did not move to Wisconsin until the last days of June of 1978) and there is a strange plot regarding my unwillingness to see or accept our rabbits being sold (which seems to imply that we cannot move until we sell the business).

I am in the rabbit shed and there are two adults, a male and female in their thirties perhaps, that are possibly going to buy most or all of our rabbits (just prior to our apparent moving to Wisconsin). I see them in the environment, in the west area of the shed (larger in-dream) as if I am on the set of a television studio news broadcast, even though I am supposedly only talking to them on the telephone. This has happened before in dreams and may be a personal slant regarding a play I was involved with in fifth grade, where we were supposed to be talking to mission control from a rocket while in outer space but were directly talking with them from another part of the stage while within the cardboard rocket set (the one I took home and kept for a number of years) and while they were sitting at a table on the other side of the room looking at us. Personal slants, of course, are yet another aspect of life and dreams that render “dream dictionaries” pointless.

There is another unseen presence I am not quite sure of. It almost seems to be an older version of me or some sort of in-dream advice giver. I am told to pretend incompetence in a similar way as I have pretended ignorance in real life often enough. As I am talking to the would-be buyers, I start to deliberately stutter and stop in the middle of a sentence for a time, several times. I come up with false scenarios about the rabbits and the shed and pretend to do it accidentally. This sort of act is quite easy once you know what people expect (for example, when I was much younger, I knew how to make people think I was sleeping just by breathing a certain way). They do not seem to be put off from buying though, even though there is some concern. I talk about how the mice get in with the rabbits and such (which may be a play on how my family had very rare and unique “unlikely” hybrids from different exotic breeds of chickens), which seems to be one of the most ridiculous and off-putting things I can say. Eventually I notice rabbits hopping outside (through the uncovered lower area of the shed, between the columns) and decide to go out to the backyard after declaring that all the rabbits are getting out and escaping; thus, there will not be any for them to buy.

I go out to the back and see my father and it does not dawn on me that he died years ago. The physical orientation I feel is quite vivid at this point. From here, a part of my mind goes into “control” mode (even though I am not at all lucid or even aware of my present life, at least environmentally, for that matter) and I enter the typical sensual stage of encountering a younger version of my wife and indulge in an embrace, which turns out to be quite physically “correct” (in contrast to other dreams where things sometimes go awry in size and orientation - including the typical “magnification” state). In-dream sensual embraces like this (which always change the perspective of my dream) are fairly common for me but I often do not include them due to their being so common. The first one was as a boy in my “Bridge Over a Prehistoric World” dream with an archetype of my wife prior to knowing of her existence (a sort of composite of Brenda W but with traits of the “mystery girl”).

This in-dream embrace type usually places me in another in-dream “realm” and perspective (which is always more vivid and “solid” and almost like a spiritual vindication even though it is physical), which sometimes varies. It is vaguely similar to the “close my eyes and become part of the environment to become invisible” dreams in terms of mood and extremely heightened awareness. In this case though, it is odd in that I enter a false awakening and start talking to my wife about my dream. Oddly though, I am, for a time, not sure if the false awakening was “real” or not. It was actually a false awakening though, when I am more fully awake and realize it was a typical vague liminal hypnopompic state. There are vague thoughts about being “unstuck in time” (and a focus on the movie “Slaughterhouse Five” from 1972 though I read the book in 1969 at age eight, curiously enough, my second favorite book after “The Chrysalids”).

It is “funny” how the people of the present occupy the settings of the past at times (and in my case, how the people of the future occupied my past while I was in it) as well as the people of the distant past (such as my parents) still being a part of my dream “universe” (transient as it is). There are unique variations, of course. In this particular dream ending, there seem to be unfolding elements of a “foot fetish”, which I do not have in reality. It is rather amusing.

selling our rabbits
dream dictionaries
seeing my father again
dream dictionaries
moving back in time
dream dictionaries
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