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snakes in blue sky
flying snakes
Snakes Away

Morning of October 24, 2014. Friday.

This was the second of three non-lucid dreams recently where I still seemed to take total control by the end.

I am seemingly back in a version of Cubitis, likely in 1974. The school bus has stopped at the next-door neighbor’s house. In real life, it was, over the years, one of three actual locations I waited for the bus with the S family, those being at the end of my driveway, the next-door neighbor’s (Lisa’s) driveway, and Karen’s driveway on the opposite side of the highway.

In my dream, instead of going to the school bus, I go northeast and end up in some sort of jungle (the area was mostly cow pastures and orange groves in reality). After a time, I end up flying to get away from mostly black and darker green giant snakes that insist on following me as I go back around in a semicircular journey, mostly to the southwest. However, I get the impression at times, that the snakes, as I am nearing some sort of regional “barrier” between two “worlds”, are able to “swim” through the air (not fly, but actually somehow “swim” in midair). This entire scenario “resets” and repeats at least three times. However, each time, I am also eventually able to focus and wave my hand and cause the giant snakes to fall back and stay in their “own territory”.

There is also something about letters being sent to the wrong people, though that is straightened out somehow (not by manual or conventional means, I do not think). My wife is once again there in Cubitis, the distant past and present mixed in the typical composite.

There have been numerous occasions where I was able to link snakes with stomach discomfort or the state of the digestive system (already discussed in several other entries) and obvious associations with the intestines due to the very similar shape and coiling aspects, although there are other connections, one related to the human spine as well as the throat, though mostly the intestine association has been viable for me personally, since earliest memory; that is, when the snake presence is unrelated to actual snakes in a literal sense, but which is also relevant at times.

In this case, it may even relate to maintaining control of the bizarre “pulse” that hits likes a sharp sudden tickle in a random back rib usually only once per night as I reach a liminal premonitory stage, and it almost always causes my body to twitch severely, sometimes causing a strange ecstatic state. It usually does not work when I mentally try to stop it, though I do sometimes lessen the “impact” mentally in a premonitory sense.

flying snakes
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snakes in blue sky
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