7 years ago

Morning of October 24, 2014. Friday.

This is the third vivid dream in a row where I had eventual unlimited control of the dream yet was not lucid at all, just in control of the dream's scenario while expressing endless "ability".

My family and I are living back in the old large Barolin Street house (which was moved in reality - and my family was actually endangered by people throwing rocks at the assumed empty place a few times and we also had visits from wayward backpackers looking for an empty free place to sleep, all due to a misleading large sign nailed on our fence). Over time, in my dream, two male workers show up in the backyard and are apparently there to refurbish the place. My wife and children are not home when they begin their work. One male talks to me from the roof of the shed for a short time on two occasions.

As time passes, I realize they are destroying parts of the house, including the back closed porch, before they intend to rebuild much of it. I did not realize that this was the plan - it is very imposing and potentially dangerous. I am also aware that we still have all our possessions in the house and I think about how annoying it would be should I have to dig through the remains of the soon-to-be demolished house to find everything. They have a wrecking crane in the backyard and at one point, I run into the house as it smashes much of the back of the house but I am not directly threatened, though parts of the ceiling fall farther back behind me. In fact, the younger male has to run out of the way at times as well.

I go back to where the two men are. They seem somewhat cheerful, but I grow more and more annoyed. I angrily "order" them to replace the roof and fix what they have damaged, as I have decided that this will not be happening. They look at me curiously and I make cursing comments about the mental stability of the property owner. One male is more burly than the other, their ages seeming around thirty-something and twenty-something. He starts making rather absurd anti-family (and anti-relationship) comments - as if two people in a relationship and with a family and children is "wrong". He then complains about me getting unemployment money, which is incorrect (though it does not dawn on me in-dream for some reason), as I have not gotten unemployment or any similar payments, including once in America when I was injured and the plant manager changed the details to the company's benefit (a typical farce which I did not contest).

Though he is a bit bigger and more muscular than me, I still manage to punch him twice in quick succession and knock him back over what is left of the back steps. I tell him that I will do it. I wave my hands and focus on what I want and the damage to the house starts to reverse. The previously destroyed extended back roof and its foundation starts to join together and it goes back up, all the pieces floating in midair and eventually aligning in a stronger form than before. Parts of the exterior walls come back together and go back up to restore the structure, yet also improve it. I walk under the restored roof, looking up, seeing that it is more heavy and complex than before, with steel brackets. It is still joining together at this point as I walk under it, but I do not feel at risk as I had in similar in-dream scenarios in the past, even though it would crush me if it fell.

The older male (still lying on his back but now recovering) looks at me in awe and frustration and says something like, "You mean you just sit here in this house with your family when you can just wave your hands and do anything you want?" I am not sure how to respond (this may be a play on how my supposed intelligence stays "invisible" to the majority - though the "invisibility" seems to work "automatically" as well - though I am still not sure of the "Source"), but I do not want them back at any point. Marrying my beautiful dream girl and having a family, after all, was what I wanted in reality since earliest memory. Looking at the two stunned men, I do not know what else I could possibly want...except to be away from infantile mainstream philosophy and the infinitely irritating dominant culture.

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