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van gogh doll or puppet
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Morning of October 23, 2014. Thursday.

I find it interesting how even in many non-lucid dreams, one has special “magical” abilities and often with enhanced vividness, probably most often being flying (as well as a highly enhanced sensuality of a completely different type than in waking life), although that often triggers lucidity as well as heightened (and more defined) in-dream awareness. Also somewhat common is two-dimensional “realms” or imagery and in-dream three-dimensional form being “mixed”.

This dream becomes more vivid with each stage but never lucid at any point. In the first part, I have a smaller rectangular mirror (just a little bigger than medicine-cabinet-sized). My family is living at an unknown location. Somehow, I have an awareness that mirrors and photographs, and in fact any plane surface, can be “entered” in part - depending on focus or will. I hold up the mirror which later seems to actually be a photograph or print, though the image seems to change from my perspective depending on the angle it is held. It seems to mostly only show features of a mostly empty room though I sometimes think it is reflecting the ceiling or walls of the room I am in, but not anything else. I attempt to put my right hand into (and beyond) its surface to see if my hand will move through it as an implied glass “portal” but it seems solid as my fingers press against the surface. My two youngest sons watch at times.

After a short time, as I am holding up the mirror or picture sideways, a small dog sticks its head a short distance from out of the two-dimensional plane from “inside” it (becoming three-dimensional past the threshold, just past its neck) and barks a bit as if it is confused or perhaps feels threatened. A little later it vanishes and I get the impression that it may have somehow gotten out and is inside the sofa or in the room somewhere. I do not see it again, though.

Later, I seem to be rescuing people at some sort of unrealistically dangerous workplace in a commercial building. However, one person dies from a fall over a mezzanine as I am saving someone else from a fall down an elevator shaft. It seems that people are continuously accident-prone at the location, but the manager thanks me for the people I do save.

I eventually find myself in another unknown location, though I get the sense I live in the area with my family. I am at the house of an unfamiliar neighbor; an older black woman who is talking about other people in the neighborhood, which seems to be part of a longer wider road (I am not sure of the city or even country). A few other people show up here and there. An unfamiliar Caucasian woman seems to think I have special abilities, which is related to the first scenario; again, where plane surfaces can supposedly be “entered” (or “explored”). She has a mirror and asks me if I am able to put my hand into it. I attempt it a couple times but it does not work - my fingers merely press hard against the surface. However, I relax a bit and notice that the mirror is somehow reflecting silverware and dishes (somehow right-side up) or perhaps the image is somehow reflected from another area of the house. It almost seems to be a rectangular silver serving tray at this point, perhaps by an altered in-dream association.

I am able to feel my way into the “mirror” and pull out a larger silver fork and hold it up and start to reshape it into a three-dimensional Picasso-like figure. I stretch it in a semi-circular motion and it seems to float in midair for a time. At one point, smaller silver “threads” seem to be pulled out, to create additional detail when swept back over the piece. I give the silver figure to a random person in the house and the woman with the “mirror” faints from being astounded, falling near my right, near the end of the sofa.

Another person has a van Gogh self-portrait print, which is about the same size as the previous “mirror”. I let my hands move into the surface, going through it, and I start to pull out a small human figure made of various small pieces of felt, with intricate detail, including the blue clothes and yellow hat. It is somewhat like a miniature rag doll or unstrung marionette, but more like a work of real art, with the “same” essence of the painting, yet also more “complete”. This will be given to another person. My dream starts to fade, though it is very vivid at this point (though I am still not lucid). The potential for creating three-dimensional art from pulling it out of two-dimensional “realms” seems endless.

van gogh doll or puppet
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