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early christmas
old green station wagon
Early Christmas?

Morning of October 19, 2014. Sunday.

Once again, my family and I are living in Cubitis though the house is different on the inside. I see that the front yard is mostly the same, but when I look out, while apparently resting in bed, I see an older green station wagon (late 60s Ford Torino) parked in the yard, looking a bit in need of a wash, directly facing the house and near the third silver oak. I am wary of this, because I do not know who it might belong to.

Within a short time, it turns out to be a very wealthy celebrity couple, although I presently cannot name him or his wife. He may be Jack Gilford as he was when around age forty, though I get more of a sense of a more serious visage, almost James-Bond-like. They sit down on chairs in our living room. Apparently, it is nearing Christmas and they have brought a gift for my wife because she is supposedly a relative. They do not seem to feel out-of-place in my smaller childhood home. In fact, they comment on how quaint it is in a non-sarcastic manner almost as if they are thinking of getting such a place to live. The package they give to my wife is shiny and blue and I get the impression that it may be a ballroom gown, but she does not open it before I wake. It is fairly large but light-weight.

The very wealthy movie stars do not expect a gift, it seems, and they are making their trip a bit earlier than they normally do from what the man says, continuing south, I believe, before driving back to Hollywood after delivering all their gifts. I am not sure how they are related to my wife (she comes mostly from Hungarian Roma people). In fact, they are not certain either. We even talk about different family surnames as they are leaving, all beginning with "N" and stopping with an idea about the name of a sister's neighbor from years ago (but altered somewhat) who I did not even know in reality, something like Nigh-gly in pronunciation, possibly a vague play on "nightly" (or a corruption of Nyíregyháza or even Nardia, similar to earlier name variations), though dreams often provide nonsense words and nonsense definitions to real words (as with my "Jacuzis are vampiric monsters" fiasco from years ago - though this is more likely to happen if one does not fully know the real definition and the dream invents an unlikely one).

early christmas
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old green station wagon
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