7 years ago
Protecting my home

Morning of October 5, 2014. Sunday.

I am with my family, as we are now, in an unfamiliar home in an ideal location (or so it seems at first), at least relative to the scenery and clean air. It is not too close to the city and not too far from it. It seems our house is one of the last ones at the end of the street (assuming south), with no houses across the street from us, that area being a sparse but green forest. The house is about twice as large as our present real-life home. At first, the setting seems as favorable as possible. At one point, though, I notice a female actually "in" a window two houses away to the north (though the very next house to the north is empty). She seems to be watching our house, mostly our activities in our front yard. I am cleaning up a bit of the weeds and the children are kicking a ball around. The staring neighbor does not seem problematic or bothersome and is fairly far away as it is.

I head into the backyard from the southern end of the front yard as I notice at least two dogs barking. The next-door fence to the south is not that high (less than four feet) and is little more than a quite sparsely structured chain-link type. In fact, one of the larger barking dogs easily leaps over the fence, followed by a smaller one. I immediately have concerns about my wife and children, but they soon go into the house. The larger dog, which I think is an Irish Setter, is able to swallow one of our black-and-white cats in one gulp. However, after a short sadness of the loss (and additional concern about what they might do to our children on a later date), the cat comes out again and seems okay after lying on the ground not moving for a short time. The other cat is not swallowed in this manner but is still fighting back. I have no fear of the dogs regarding my own safety (unlike in my early childhood dreams).

I get a large bar (barbell) and start whacking the heads and spines of the dogs, though I am not sure I can get them back over the fence. This does not seem right at all, to live next to someone with large noisy dogs, especially ones that can intrude into our yard.

Eventually, a drunk male comes out into his yard. I am ready to start whacking him as well. In fact, I do so several times, though he is not killed by either the side-strikes or the forward thrusts of the long barbell. He gets up each time, but it is hard to tell whether the alcohol or the bashing on the head has interfered with his coordination, speech, and actions. Eventually I tell him that he will have to move out. Oddly, it seems I am certain of having a say in getting rid of him soon. I tell him that no one should have the right to have a larger problematic dog next-door to someone else, especially with a see-through or shorter fence.

Though I am not lucid, I am still somehow purposely able to "reset" the dream semi-consciously somewhat. I am able to cause a large wooden fence to rise from the ground until it is about ten feet high. Not only that, the fence is somehow completely soundproof as well as having some sort of internal (and "hidden") advanced technology in controlling sound. I am aware (while in my "orb" form - or disembodied in-dream) of an amusing scene where the man is somewhat surprised at seeing the new fence. He tries to talk through it, saying "Hello?" and his own voice is reflected back (slightly louder) from behind him somehow. This is how it works. He does this several times, with his voice echoing back louder each time, seemingly from the outer walls of his house. He seems completely puzzled and remains in a stupor.

Eventually, I decide to "take" the entire neighborhood without recompense to anyone else. My family will live here for a long time.

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