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Morning of September 26, 2014. Friday.

I am planning (in my dream state) on doing a "comic book page" of the most vivid version of the "The Pink Planet" dream due to its seemingly paranormal nature (relative to a number of things that are simply too complex to get into in writing). The concept of the "twin Earth" is not unique to this particular "dream universe" event, as it had come both long before and long after November 6, 1971. In one case, it was a "shadow planet" remaining on the opposite side of the sun. Taking a photograph of someone with green eyes (my wife has green eyes) and implementing the photographic negative, will cause the "pink planet" effect as well.

I have completed the page in real life, after this dream, and decided to put it in my tumblr journal assuming it will be large enough to display the writing. In the dream, are new facets of energy relating to a "remake". The remake is based on some sort of overwhelming emotional nostalgia combining the present and the past. In "The Bermuda Depths" (which ties in with personal events and other connections), the ending shows the turtle that was small during the time that the male and female characters are together as children, except now it is a giant yet still has the initials on its back. In this dream, I see that my wife, as a child, is blowing soap bubbles into the sky, one lasting longer than would be typical - the surface of the bubble reflecting Australia as it travels skyward. It grows larger and larger and "returns" as the "pink planet", still with the residual reflection of Australia to "inform" me that she is on "the other side".

This layer was not extensively referenced in 1971 or earlier. I have done a lot of research on causal patterns relating to the main "pink planet" dream. Doing this sort of thing is almost like a sort of meticulous "surgery" to try to piece together how the subconscious sleeping mind is able to combine so many layers into one to manifest this type of dream. Much of this I have documented before many times. One reason is that certain dreams have earlier "prototypes", become the main experiential dream in terms of residual focus to recur or "reset" (often in "mid-dream"), and are often followed by a lesser "sequel" or with partial parallels (especially when growing up), sometimes broken up into less noticed nuances a year or more later. It would not surprise me at all to learn if some people had the same "key" dreams, thousands of times, throughout all their lives, without remembering a single instance of the more important layers. In fact, I have actually seen plenty of evidence of this online, but will not go into it here.

Firstly, this was during the time when "Pepto-Bismol pink" showed up in my dreams at least once a month or so - and in such cases, I even curiously reflected on this as the color in-dream, yet it still did not result in any trigger of lucidity. As before, I can argue whether or not the dream would have been the same had I not taken Pepto-Bismol. I also believe there was an influence from volume 16 of the Young People's Science Encyclopedia which I had at the time. The cover shows pink clouds with a man hovering over a sphere and another one shown in the distance as shown in the image of the cover.

Comic strips the eve before personally showed the usual odd synchronicity. Nancy "blows her breath" into a balloon to (sarcastically) "save her breath", which is shown as a sphere, an act similar to blowing soap bubbles as in the dream. The other is Snuffy Smith where the two primary female characters look at a crystal ball covered with snow - this of course influencing the idea of the top being the "North Pole" were it to be a subtle symbol for Earth.

Finally, as the most obvious cause in 1971 (at least on this date) was that I had seen "When Worlds Collide" (from 1951) 11:30 at night (on "Shock Theatre" on channel 13). I then watched about seven minutes of "I Walked with a Zombie" (from 1943), the second feature, but was too tired to stay awake and had already seen it a couple times by then. The 1971 dream likely started from around four in the morning at the latest, three-thirty at the earliest.

Were it not for pop culture continuously shuffling me along and giving me "clues", I may likely have still found my soulmate. The amusing "go to Japan" in-dream aspect as mentioned before, again was accurate, as that is where the airplane landed prior to reaching Australia, something I do not think I could have even subliminally known as a child.

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