7 years ago
Hidden rooms below and black robots

Morning of September 18, 2014. Thursday.

A dream subject that has been somewhat recurring for a few months (but with different aspects in most) is looking into areas of the house that have openings to hidden rooms underground or under the floor. In this particular dream, one of the doors is like a lighter horizontally-hinged swinging type of perhaps fiberboard. It reminds me of an incomplete dumbwaiter setup somewhat. I push it inward for a short time and discover a large cellar-like room below the floor (but by which the higher area is inside the wall) where two hallways on the far end go in both directions. In the area near the hallways, it appears to have a dirt floor. It looks like something had been stored there but I do not contemplate if it is ours or not. It seems it likely is in conscious afterthought.

At a later point, I am in the kitchen and I hear some sort of strange voice (which is somewhat authoritative) speak from my second-youngest son's room. It may be some sort of dangerous "invader" that is not fully human. I tell it to come out and show itself. Out of the room comes some sort of vague energy, briefly seeming like a large transparent black robot. It speaks again (somewhat menacingly) but by that time I realize that it is my own instigation in trying to bring it into a higher clarity and it will not materialize due to my own concept of self-preservation. This has happened in dreams all my life, where I often could not "energize" what could become a more ominous or even disturbing dream. As I had written before, even all of the dreams relating to a so-called devil ended up being mostly cartoon-like and comedic.

In another dream, which has a very cheerful atmosphere and is somewhat lucid but passive, an Asian male and his young son are in a room testing old battery-operated robots of the type I got for Christmas in 1969 though it seems they are or are like completely new toys. The sounds and flashing lights are "perfect" and enjoyable over time. This leads me to ponder on why I had the life-size somewhat menacing (but transparent) black robot in the other dream for a very short time. I guess I was trying to create a more stimulating encounter in memory of my childhood when that other dream lost cohesion.

It may be related to recalled residual frustration in buying a large toy robot for my first son years ago and it destroyed itself within a minute of turning it on, being a typical fake product of the type that floods the market these days in this region. When it turned at its waist the first time it tore its own wiring out (which was proven far too short to begin with), started to smoke everywhere and did not work again at all. It cost far more than my real toy of years before but was made of plastic (not tin) and used smaller batteries. My toy was still working and in good condition fifteen years later, but was sold at a yard sale in the 1980s.

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