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frog monkey
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Frog Monkey

Morning of September 10, 2014. Wednesday.

I have titled this one "Frog Monkey" even though the animal primarily had the aspects of a chimpanzee (people typically wrongly associate monkeys and apes as being the “same” in the unknowing mainstream and in pop culture).

I am seated at a table (possibly round or oval as we are not directly linear in position from each other though not perpendicular either) and seem to be observing myself from outside my body at one point. It is possibly later at night as I am aware of one table lamp more to the right of center being on. Seated to my left is a chimpanzee. We seem to be writing something though I am not sure what. It may be related to invitations or some sort of bookkeeping or both although at one point the sheets look like A4-sized order forms. The chimpanzee eventually takes on the appearance of having a head that is about "half-frog" in various aspects - that is, it is still technically a chimpanzee head but becomes very frog-like in shape and certain characteristics of the nostrils and eyes somewhat plus with a somewhat greenish hue in areas with less fur. This does not seem unusual to me - it seems perfectly natural and “correct”.

It occurs to me that just as people often incorrectly interchange monkeys with apes, they also do this with frogs and toads. At any rate, just as people often miss the more obvious symbolism and play of “lion” being more related to “lyin’ (lying)” or typical mainstream falsehood, I also think a play on “man key” may be there in the case with “monkey” as some sort of play on evolving. However, “monkey” visually includes both “money” and “key” which I think may be significant; another play being “monkey business” possibly relating to the continuous decline of product quality in almost everything.

weird animal hybrid
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frog monkey
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