7 years ago
Two Keys

Morning of September 8, 2014. Monday.

I am in some sort of underground chamber with a group of people. We had somehow gotten to the area in a van (going down an inclined road inside a cave or some such). At some points I seem disembodied but at other points I am more integrated with the flow of my dream. The main character, a younger male of perhaps about thirty, has found a large skeleton key of nearly two feet long. It has a texture (very slightly bumpy) and color similar to an old-fashioned black skillet and has a few patches of rust, the patches primarily of somewhat of an elongated diamond shape. It apparently leads to treasure and an ancient city where one may still be able to live and thrive.

He manages to open a secret wall by using the key. The opened wall leads to the abandoned underground city and there is likely to be valuable treasure and even special foods to sustain anyone who travels into the region. However, some sort of geological events (including at least one geyser) are beginning, making it difficult to continue. Some sort of gas and ash, possibly volcanic, begins to be present in the area. The others are concerned about leaving the idea of exploration for later. The male seems to vanish after he goes into what may be an unstable area, possibly killed by falling rocks.

It is then known that the key he found was possibly some sort of "decoy" and was not of the most valuable potential. I walk over to a rectangular rock that is somewhat diagonal and on a larger rock. I sort of absentmindedly tap the rock (as if entering a code on invisible buttons), expecting something to happen (not sure what) and a smaller rectangular groove appears and turns into a small "door" that slides back to reveal an oversize shiny gold key, also about two feet long as the first was (as if some sort of advanced technology was involved and built into the rock to reveal the hidden key with the right focus). The door is then gone and the rock is again seamless but with the key on the outside. This is the right key, so I take it.

The cavernous area is filling with supposedly poisonous ash and one male seems to be slightly ill from the increasing toxic particulates (being more affected than the others for some reason - perhaps in having asthma), but we are able to leave in the van, deciding what to do about the artifact. Apparently, the key opens the door to paradise or even "Heaven" (in a different area of the cavern), but one person suggests it should be put in a museum instead and that seems to become the present choice (though by people not really in charge - I seem to be in charge now) even though it will lead to treasure and healing. My dream loses cohesion from that point though I get the sense of a room full of light being available to explore now.

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