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putting a fan together
The Fan

Morning of September 3, 2014. Wednesday.

This dream was certainly a waste of time and seemed to last at least an hour. It was a typical "I cannot assemble it" dream - where almost every possible wrong result unfolds at one point or another; a recurring theme but with the dreams themselves usually quite different - but all overly long and monotonous. Sometimes they have "resets" (with variant repeats) two or more times in a night which then seem to go on for several hours.

The location seems to be a larger version of the Barolin Street house. An unknown East Indian male of about twenty-five has brought a metal floor fan package to our house, possibly as a Christmas present, as I have a vague perception of a Christmas tree in the background at one point. However, it is possibly a present for a relative of mine (even though it seems we will sometimes be using it as well) - he just wants me to assemble it first. What follows is pure tedium.

Some of the events that occur and repeat in various ways include:

Screws and smaller pieces falling from one of the hollow cylinders. Trying to work out which part is connected to whatever other part. Having an awareness that some of the parts may or may not be missing. Looking around for any instructions which did not seem to come with the box. Putting parts together and then realizing it is wrong and having to dismantle the parts again. Finding a piece that appears to be broken or made wrongly, but not being sure it is. Realizing that the product is probably just junk and not feasible as a working appliance.

The other male eventually seems pessimistic about his purchase and mentions something a few times about returning it, but I do my best to try to resolve the issue by assembling the metal floor fan as correctly as possible; parts which seem to be for a rather large and high one (perhaps too high for the intended room). Near the end of the dream, I have two larger hollow cylindrical parts together (one partly within another) and seem to be making progress, but there is a wobbly miniature-cage-like section that sort of partly hangs from near the middle by the implied power and speed control buttons. I have a concern about someone being electrocuted if it is not assembled properly. (The connected sections also seem to be a foundation for a fan that would stand too high to be of any use.) One of the last things that happens is that more screws of various lengths and a few other smaller metal pieces slide and fall out from the inside of what I had pieced together thus far.

There is a scene where there is broken glass on the floor, potentially hazardous - one piece being fairly large and jagged. I hand a larger piece to the other male and he deposes of it. It came from a drinking glass that had fallen from a table earlier, I think. (Another recent dream featured broken glass - dreams for me often repeat one aspect or feature in a completely different scenario, but often only once or twice.)

One other situation involves looking for the instruction booklet now and then. At one point, it appears we have finally found it, but it turns out to be some sort of catalog or promotional guidebook showing the entire product line of the company, mostly industrial appliances. I get the idea of assembling it from looking at the box, but that does not help either due to all the atypical internal parts.

There are a lot of ways to look at this dream. I am not really a fan of typical dream symbolism or alternate meanings (pun intended) unless specifically personally obvious, as this type of dream seems mostly a result of a focus on attempting to build something without the reasoning abilities which dreams usually lack and as such - may not even have any deeper meaning - many people make the mistake of thinking all dreams have "messages" or deeper meaning when many do not (and likely most if you do not do actual dream work or have a "direct line" to dream memory or layered associations, which almost always - at least for me, have impersonal and quite trivial precognitive, postcognitive, or the usual remote-viewing elements - a vestigial aspect I have always believed in from the overwhelming proof, from when the once natural "universal awareness" that animals, even insects have - in being too much to absorb for day to day mundane tasks for humans - thus this universal awareness eventually evolved to include the now mostly "hidden" subconscious mind - though while still having potential for supraconscious links).

In other words, and somewhat obviously - trying to build or assemble something in a dream (even a vivid one) is automatically (and quite naturally) much the same as trying to assemble something while utterly inebriated and only using half a brain, so any "failure" in such a dream means not much more in terms of the real world than my amazing stunts of success - where I once brought Earth back into its proper orbit with bottle rockets tied down over the highway (though that does remain one of my favorite childhood dreams).

Again, some plays one might see typically: "not having any fans" (or not making fans), "concerned about glasses being broken" (I do not wear or need glasses), "seeking instructions" but being shown only advertising of ideas not needed by present company, "power being caged in" (or variations of control or higher power being caged), and several others.

putting a fan together
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