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dream scripted by noise
baboon-like creature in wall
Vivid baboon dream - hammering occurring in real life

Morning of August 28, 2014. Thursday.

At the time I was experiencing this very vivid dream, the house next door was being partly demolished by continuous extremely loud hammering and scraping in the kitchen with a tool dropping every couple of minutes (which went on for about six hours - this had also occurred last Friday for about eight hours).

As I am lying in bed in-dream, I notice that to my right, instead of my wardrobe, is seemingly a closer wall of the house with a large recess about three feet up from the floor and some of the area implied to be below the floorboards. A large mouse comes out, with longer fur than normal. Farther in is an additional opening, somewhat circular (but irregular) and difficult to discern and which possibly leads to an underground tunnel - there is not much light inside. Small details of plumbing are vaguely visible or considered. Another large mouse is eventually visible. Soon, however, a baboon-like creature of about the size of a medium-sized dog, though somewhat cream-colored and with vaguely badger-like patterning on head and feet, grabs each mouse, one at a time, and quickly eats it, swallowing it whole. I am somewhat surprised and wary but not really afraid. I turn to the left to mention this event to my wife. For a short time, I hold on to our pet cat which comes into the room, as I get the impression our cat might be eaten by the creature if it goes too close to the recess.

The area has a dirt floor and I seem to be aware that the creature had been continuously feeding on larger mice and perhaps birds for a time. At one point, he is on all fours and is so fat that his stomach and entire torso drags on the ground. He does not seem to be a threat and I do not even sense any danger, as it seems “obvious” that he would not leave the area closer to the secondary entrance. This would not be feasible in reality, as the area would not be big enough and the bathroom is on the other side of the wall that, again, is farther away in real life. However, in afterthought, it is almost as if the side of my wardrobe had a cave-like area to a secret part of the house (partly underground). The layout, as with many dreams, is not feasible, though.

Curiously, I am not aware (at first) of the hammering while in the dream state, although I do often hear real-life sounds “scripting” the dream. The dream eventually loses cohesion and morphs into another less vivid dream of a false-awakening where I am continuously talking to my wife about the person next door and his constant noise and calling him various rude names. I can hear him replying (though not yelling) but cannot make out much of what he is saying (in an only slightly frustrated tone).

It seems fairly obvious that the distorted baboon and the badger-like nuances represented how I “saw” the person next door and how he was intruding on our lives at the time; the “impossible” fatness, however, probably relating to the presence of the louder noise.

baboon-like creature in wall
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dream scripted by noise
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