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holes in the moon
three giant beetles
"Fixing" the Moon

Morning of August 13, 2014. Wednesday.

In the first part of the dream there is something wrong with the moon. It has something to do with the orbit becoming more eccentric in a potentially disastrous sense. Parts of it come off and will possibly later be a threat to Earth. I am outside in an unknown area and some younger people throw rocks at it relative to some suggestions made previously. The rocks actually go into the sky and into space, fixing (by getting stuck in random areas) some of the holes on the moon - but making a few others worse. However, I still see a cluster of three holes in the moon that stars can clearly be seen through. (My guess is that part of this relates to seeing images in old comic books and some pop culture designs which imply that a crescent moon has stars in front of the unseen part of the otherwise round moon. This has always struck me as quite naïve - even as a child.) In the dream, the three holes in the moon (that go all the way through to the other side, although the perspective would not imply seeing the stars through the holes in reality) do not seem to be that much of a problem or a potential for cataclysm.

Later, I am back on Gellibrand Street in Brisbane where my family and I used to live and what was our first apartment. The bed is on the enclosed front porch, oriented longways to the room’s layout, though it seems there is another room in front of that one, the fictional door being to my left when I am lying in the bed rather than at the other end and going into the open hall of the building as it does in reality.

Over time, I realize that there is a married couple also in the bed to my right but they are asleep for a time. Crawling on the ceiling above are three giant beetles clustered together (seemingly two of them mating) and moving down from the ceiling a short distance but then crawling on it again. They look the most like patent-leather beetles (or “Jerusalem beetles”). They may be eating the wood in the ceiling, though I believe that they are venomous and harmful to people (though I also sense that a part of me is “making that up”). The man of about forty, who is black, looks up at the ceiling but does not seem that concerned (though a bit surprised at first) as I tell him they are dangerous (and I have the vague idea that they may eat people, though again there is the idea that the concern is not quite legitimate). In fact, when all three of them fly down in a threatening manner, he casually knocks them to the floor with his right arm, all at the same time somehow. They each are about the size of a cat (though they seemed bigger at first). They are then somewhere on the right side of the bed (on the floor), but nothing happens after this and I no longer see them. The female on the other side does not wake up the whole time.

three giant beetles
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