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Distorted names

Morning of August 6, 2014. Wednesday.

I am in an undefined space (although seemingly aware I am “sleeping” in bed at one point in real time) contemplating a false memory of something I had supposedly just been watching on television earlier, perhaps the news, but I am not focused. There are a few names that come to mind with seemingly “real” associations, which also seems to be ongoing at one point even though I had not been up yet (or even fully awake) this morning.

There seems to be a girl who is gambling relative to an important story, though I am not sure if it is a movie or relative to a documentary about a real person (possibly an actress, though) and for some reason I believe it is February through my distorted ongoing “memory” at a point where I am nearly awake. Over time, I am aware that the girl is quite well known as a supposed gambling celebrity (as if gambling were actually a type of entertainment for the public when either actors, actresses, or lesser known people do it). Her “real” name - that is, the name her parents gave her - is "Rollemtine", which is a play on gambling (her parents apparently being known gamblers with possible celebrity status) and being born on Valentine’s Day, which does not make as much sense in reality as in the dream world. However, it may be related to fictional “reality television” - a show that just shows people gambling - which basically would not surprise me at all and of course even typical game shows of various themes as far back as the 1950s seem to “fit” at one point.

After “knowing” of Rollemtine, and even being falsely aware that my two youngest sons had just been watching a cartoon featuring her character for whatever reason, I focus on some other distortions, one of them being "Valenstein" - Valenstein, of course, being the name of a monster created on Valentine’s Day or more likely a reference to a fictional neurosurgeon of that time, though that is likely another story and not complete in the false memory.

Using Google, I was surprised to find there actually is an Elliot Valenstein who is “a professor emeritus of psychology and neuroscience”.

Dreams are funny, though I found no reference to “Rollemtine”.

I could have tagged this as postcognitive I guess, but I have decided not to since it is possible I saw the name at one point in the past.

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