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japanese workers
loomis and gillette streets
Entering the Fog

Morning of August 4, 2014. Monday.

I am on Loomis Street in La Crosse and it seems to be very late at night at first. Eventually there is the knowledge of an explosion to the east. Once again there is, for some reason, a focus on going east on Gillette Street (recent recurring only - though it did recur somewhat in dreams of around ages five to six as well).

There is apparently a nuclear bomb dropped to the east, but it is only a "practice" one that is meant to implement data on some sort of social study. There is no actual danger. However, a very thick but white "cloud" or fog exists in the area east of where I am, stopping precisely at Loomis and Gillette, and it is supposedly very difficult to walk through, which seems relevant to the beginning "test" or "experiment". Drivers of cars cannot see where they are going, either, other than fairly close to the car, and require bright headlights to see anywhere at all. There is the idea after I try to walk near the area, that it is probably unsafe to even attempt to go very far in the fog. I have an idea that cars may not successfully travel the street and beyond, either. So, the first time I plan on walking through, I change my mind, but I am ready to go through a short time later.

Still, regardless of the problematic nature of maneuverability and lack of visual orientation, a number of people must get to work by walking. Many of them are Japanese and work in the same area at a fictional local business. Most do not seem that concerned about being able to get to where they are going. I eventually walk through the fog again, noticing a few other pedestrians in random locations, a couple of them even walking down the middle of the street. I experience an interesting perception as I enter and am able to find my way through without going off the side of the road. I am aware of an area that goes over a smaller bridge. I end up at an area that seems like some sort of resort and things can be seen a bit more clearly.

In a way, I am surprised that I do not become lucid, especially as I had recently mentioned to my wife that, even though it is somewhat of a movie and television show cliché, certain types of dreams (especially in childhood) have had a mist rise from the ground or floor (but usually only several inches high). I am not sure if my subconscious originally "borrowed" this cliché, or if it is a natural facet of dream states in a metaphorical sense of some kind. As such, it has still never worked as a trigger of lucidity and always seemed a "normal" part of my dream environment, both inside and outside.

loomis and gillette streets
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japanese workers
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