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Everything Must Fit

Morning of June 22, 2014. Sunday.

In the first section of my dream I am at an unfamiliar school, though it does have a semicircular road that goes in and out again, similar to my old middle school, but over a wider area. A boy of about ten and in a car driven by his parents, I assume, is throwing javelins, one after another, through some sort of metal ring attached to a corner of the fence. He is to my left as the car is moving towards me but I am not directly in my dream at this point. He manages to get each javelin perfectly through the ring regardless of the distance from when he first started. This seems quite normal, as he had practiced most of his life to reach this level of accuracy and perfection.

Later, I am in the field on school grounds. I attempt a javelin throw and it just missises going through the center of the ring, only an inch or so from the outer area, slightly to the upper right. The detail of focus is very clear. I try throwing it at what I am looking directly at without intentionally aiming.

In another section of my dream, I am focused on trying to work out something involving letters and numbers. I am writing a book, apparently, on different “hidden” patterns in my life that have always meant something to me, relating to patterns that “flowed” through several layers. At one point, I say to an unknown male how everything in the world must fit into a certain pattern of totality relating to my life’s path. Eventually, I focus on the word “if” which means infinite potential. I reason that “i” is the ninth letter and “f” is the sixth. Therefore, it makes the number 96, which is one of my main numbers in life other than the number twenty-two (as well as eleven). For some reason, I write a supposedly enigmatic sentence relating to the words “is” and “as”. There is something about the word “six” being “xis” in reverse”.

I am back in Cubitis in the living room at the large wooden table by the windows to the east that look out into the backyard. My mother is sitting in a chair on the south end of the room closer to the windows. There is something about being in twelfth grade, or doing twelfth grade work when I was in fifth grade. This seems true in-dream.

There is a point at where I am in the bathroom looking at the corner near the ceiling where the walls meet and notice a crack in the concrete along the corner itself and am thinking that maybe I could paint the inside of some rooms. Oddly, I think of how I have lived here in the Cubitis house “all my life”, which seems unusual, but which is not true at all, as I have not lived there since the middle of 1978.

I am later studying the pattern of the band name “The Fixx” - my favorite band for many years. I remember that “FIXX” looks a bit like XXII in reverse - the Roman numerals for number twenty-two. I then reason that it could also represent 696 in that “f”, again, is the sixth letter, “IX” is nine in Roman numerals, and the additional “X” is the twenty-fourth letter (and 2 + 4 = 6). This seems to “fit”. Interestingly though, it could also represent 6966 in a similar way. In which case “f” is six, “i” is the ninth letter, and each “x” being 24 (2 + 4 = 6). My dream focus seems to go around in circles in these layered associations.

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