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large lake and small island
bag of blueberry muffins
several isolated temples
Major Threats from Two Directions

Morning of June 20, 2014. Friday.

This was a very long dream with some scenes that are hard to directly relate. In the first part of my dream it seems as if I am in a region where there are several isolated temples. The people who look after the temples and such (and possibly the ones who built them) are of a fictional race and culture (however, somehow related to Bangladesh) and mostly do not mind our presence in the area. A few other people are there including my wife and classmates from many years ago, including Steve J and Steve W. There is apparently going to be some sort of threat, seemingly a nuclear attack - and so we have to evacuate the area (to a city to the west), although my wife and family go in the other direction from where the rest of the people are told to go.

However, after a short time when I am almost ready to go to the bus, I have some sort of odd in-dream premonition that we need to either stay where we are (or even all go in the opposite direction to where the government says we will be safer) because the attack is actually more likely to occur where we are to be going. Even though everyone is getting on a bus to evacuate, I now refuse to go. I am chased by a couple people, including Steve J and Steve W to force me onto the bus (for my own good, supposedly) but I manage to escape through a combination of running, leaping, and flying. Later, the bus leaves. At one point, a large dog attacks me and I feel its teeth in my hand but then I am able to swing my arm around and lose the dog over a hedge. I end up going to the city anyway after this.

After a short time of a few events and conversations about the supposed war and terrorist threats, some sort of unusual nuclear explosion (or explosions) occurs. It is almost like a series of several smaller nuclear bombs going off in the sky (all at the same time, almost like “nuclear fireworks”) in an odd matrix-like pattern a little farther to the west, yet is still seemingly the result of a supposed typical nuclear missile. I turn away to feel a forceful energy sweep over me and most people are killed by it. However, I and a few others start running as fast as we can away from the shock-wave, down the main street and over bridges. The area reminds me of Gillette Street in La Crosse (yet again) in the eastern area where there are not many man-made features; mostly sparse trees, tall grasses, and wild shrubs.

Eventually, I end up in the area where my wife and family had gone to. There is an unusual large building which seems to be part of a resort covering a larger area and a very large lake and small island in the direction opposite to where the earlier nuclear event had occurred. There is a point at which I decide to go outside again from one larger room. I try to go down a staircase but the second open area past the doorway to the staircase is too small for me to fully fit in and turn around the cramped stairwell to go to another floor and then outside (recurring) so I pull myself out with a little difficulty and go out through another area, which leads me to the lake’s shore. I still sense danger, so my wife and I and an unknown girl (and I think a couple others) fly into the air and then fly, with great joy and happy harmonious interaction, easterly to the small isolated island in the center of the lake, which is covered mostly with ice and snow. It is exhilarating and very enjoyable and by far the best part of my dream.

Later, we seem to be in a different town (smaller than the city where the bomb was dropped). There are more random conversations and uneventful scenes, but then the side of a large apartment building begins to collapse. It turns out that terrorists, for quite some time, had somehow managed to build missile silos in a number of different buildings inside a secret area just before the outside wall itself. This seems hard to believe, but everyone is running around now in chaos as the threatening events unfold. I watch the extraordinary clear detail of the outer brick wall collapsing (but almost like slow motion), the revealing of one missile as it is taking off - and also notice other larger buildings farther away but partially collapsing with missiles lifting off from hidden areas inside the walls, including the walls of some business buildings. There are at least six or seven missiles that are now airborne. Oddly, instead of going a fair distance, they actually start exploding fairly close to where we are.

Again, I feel the sweep of the destructive nuclear energy from the explosions, as I and only a few others survive. I am not sure where my wife and family are at the time. I eventually sit down in a park-like area on a bench facing west, after running due west again - and seem to be the only immediate survivor after a time (several bodies lying about being burned up - some still on fire - as well as partial remains) - and yet I feel quite healthy and well. The city I ran from was completely destroyed. I look on the bottom of my left foot and notice two numbers that seem to be some sort of organic “computer display” but possibly using some sort of semi-organic or inorganic implant to show the values. One number is twenty-seven and on its right, the number one - both in “portrait” orientation - that is, upright across the narrow area in the middle of my foot. This is some sort of “built-in” display showing my health and vitality (or life energy) or how many minutes (27) I have left to live, perhaps (J. Boehme calls this number “the death”). Because my life energy is only at one, it likely will not take much more to destroy me, although I am confident that this could not happen even if it read zero later.

However, there is a transparent plastic bag of blueberry muffins to my left and I then realize I had not eaten for some time, and so, as I start eating, the numbers on the bottom of my foot increase more and more…

bag of blueberry muffins
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large lake and small island
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several isolated temples
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