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The Twin Flame Seekers and the Thick Plot

Through dreaming and meticulous research and focus and completely ignoring what publications and other people claimed about dreams, I believe I reached a stage of completion and resolution that is simply impossible to put into words. It is almost like someone casually talking about the local weather and getting the temperature wrong while someone else is studying the entire universe and uncovers the source patterns of it. However, the contrast is even far greater than that. Over time, I have not even revealed a fraction of what had occurred in my life and many layers have not ever been touched upon. This is partly because most "normal" people do not even have the capacity for the "lesser" aspects let alone the "impossible" potential. I myself have never fully understood what it could really mean.

Had it not been for my dream that influenced my PAIA response, I am not sure what other steps would have occurred to bring my wife to be and I together. Certainly it started years before she was born (of which there is countless evidence). The question is still "why?" Why would the universe (and another layer of human history) go to that much trouble for two otherwise "invisible", "insignificant" people (especially regarding all the people and publishers who claim to know a lot about dreams and various false systems but know absolutely nothing)?

I will show another example (of thousands in several different layers), which most people will not believe. At the same time I more fully acted upon the dream relating to my twin flame and wrote to my wife's mother because of the precise advertisement she placed matching the nuances of my dream...

My wife to be was "trying to find me" at the exact same time. Not only that, here are the facts in this event:

The ad she responded to (and it was the only pen pal ad she ever responded to during this period, anywhere) was in the same issue (#31) of the same extremely limited in circulation newspaper (printed in my hometown - influenced by my father speaking to the publisher, who would have not started the small newspaper in the first place had he not won a computer) as the ad I answered, yet I had also written to someone else with her same full name at the same time in Hungary (even though I knew the girl would be Australian, but of specific Hungarian Roma heritage aka "real gypsy" as opposed to all the New Age fakes and "wannabes").

Is that enough? How about this... The one and only one ad my wife responded to (I had not placed an ad - I already knew I could just "seek" her and I was right "on the horizon" after years of "waiting") was one someone had placed who lived in one of the exact same areas I had been (facing her town of birth across the ocean) when "sensing her arrival" (on her day of birth in Port Kembla in 1968). He never wrote back to her, and nor did the girl that I wrote to in Hungary who shared her full name (Zsuzsanna G. Horvath), which I already "knew" by that point. (See image of the only ad she decided to respond to.)

Aside from all this... Consider the year 1901. It was the year my father was born. It was the first year following the turn of the century. It was the year Australia (technically) "became" Australia. It was also the year Llewellyn Worldwide (or Llewellyn Publications at the time in 1990 when I contacted them) was founded. The PAIA newspaper sample I "randomly" received through this publication after having moved to Wisconsin (the ad in the back) was because of the existence of that publisher. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It is also the year a more distant relative was born who was also related to the one partly responsible for the entire so-called New Age movement in the first place. Not to mention another supposed ancestor, who, had he been "successful", the USA would not even exist as it does today. Do not ask me, for I have no idea. Because of the design of the crescent moon on the logo, many people believe that Llewellyn Worldwide represents "Satan on Earth". (Personally, I believe my mother-in-law is "Satan on Earth" but that is another story...)

I do know the importance of sometimes taking dreams literally when possible, especially as it is just another way of integrating the real world more fully into your path with greater significance and potential (obviously "over the top" in my case) - though I do know symbolic layers occur fairly often, often with intricate composite or layered meanings and "plays" - but intriguingly - something the conscious mind would need years to develop in some cases even for certain types of puns and more specific composites (which again, is how I can tell when someone is not representing his real dreaming experiences by pretending they are like mundane and bland linear "stories" while dismissing foresight or foreshadowing entirely - how erroneous can you get? Even literature has foreshadowing, which is considered perfectly normal and is taught in schools).

My wife had an interest in Florida panthers and drew them in her journal. I had lived near panthers in the wild in Florida when very young. She also had a pet (Australian) opossum when we started more extensive communication (as well as having drawn an opossum under an airplane in her journal as a child). So she "knew" her twin flame would be from Florida (but of a Métis background) just as I "knew" about her (not including the "bigger" picture of how a rotated American map looks somewhat like Australia but "missing Florida" - something that dawned on me in third grade and seen as another "matching" of Yin and Yang). In this world full of extremely limited awareness and intelligence and endless fabrication by the media and authority and bizarre pop culture distraction from truth (and false "indoctrination" almost from birth in always "belonging to the state" in a given country), I did not, in the end, really have all that much difficulty in "walking the dream", so to speak. Somehow, I find that vaguely amusing...

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