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homeless man wants necklace
girl from another world
The Interdimensional Girl

Morning of May 28, 2014. Wednesday.

I am on my way to a supposed meeting with an unknown male. I am not sure why. It seems to relate to some sort of business, perhaps even the local black market.

I end up talking to a male who had been sleeping against a concrete wall on a shabby makeshift bed in a cul-de-sac area near a large shopping mall. He is rather large and stocky. Even though he appears to be homeless, he also seems to have enough finances to eat fairly well, though he is dressed informally in shabby clothes. Over time, another male is in the area and also talks with him. The other male does not seem homeless.

The unkempt homeless man seems like a sort of scavenger and street-opportunist and also talks about stealing jewelry and anything else of value from various females who shop in the region. Apparently he has not been caught, although his present sleeping conditions actually seem worse than those of some jails.

Eventually, a young female seems to literally step out of my body as if my body was some sort of “portal” for interdimensional travelers. She is dressed in old-fashioned clothes, almost ballroom-like and she regards the other males curiously. The homeless male asks to see more of her necklace and the girl lifts up the chain so that a larger pendant rises up from behind her fancy lacy blouse.

From here, things go a bit stranger. The rays of light coming from the pendant are too bright to directly look at and there is a very slight audio effect that is somewhat wind-chime-like, almost inaudible, and with a very low-volume higher-pitched continuous tone “matching” it - seeming like two isolated higher frequency bands (with no spanning broadband ranges), but again, almost inaudible. In fact, the rays extend a fair distance, possibly reaching two or three city blocks away. The homeless man covers his eyes a bit but still tries to see the girl and the necklace yet all that is visible for the most part is bluish white light. The girl starts to make fun of human beings (even though she looks like a normal human being herself) and what they do and how they move, seemingly with great pleasure and miming and continues on like…

“Oh look I’m a human; I can walk around on two legs. Then I can sit down. Then I can stand up and oh look I can walk around on two legs again. Than I can sit or stand…”

“Do I have a brain? Yes, I do, but only in my head; I can’t see or even guess what is ahead in my future very far and oh look, let’s just walk into this wall since we didn’t see it coming” (mimics walking into a wall).

“And, oh look, now that I have walked into a wall, I guess I will sleep here from now on with my two legs. But sometimes I will sit or stand and then walk again…”

This is likely exasperating for the other two males but I do not mind it so much. Eventually, an additional normal-looking male (except for the fact that he seems dressed as a swashbuckler) begins to appear in various “pieces” in a holographic form about five feet from our little group…not fully forming by the time I wake. I get the vague impression that it could be a holographic “shell” that I may inhabit when going off for a time with this being.

girl from another world
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homeless man wants necklace
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