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Night of May 27, 2014. Tuesday.

My wife's younger sister Judy has come to the house (though she has not been here in real life very often at all). We are all in the main part of the front room. Instead of a sofa, there is a bed oriented east to west. It seems fairly dark in the room, though the television is on giving enough light to see a little.

I am spending most of the in-dream time trying to stop four stacks of magazines from falling to the floor (as well as possibly falling more towards me and getting messed up or spread over the bed). They could possibly be my wife's craft magazines (which seems most likely, although there may also be one stack of old Warren magazines such as "Vampirella" or "Eerie"). I am partially lying down but have my arm up across the four piles so that they stay relatively balanced on the soft mattress.

As Judy is talking to my wife (Judy on the right facing my wife and closer to the front door), I notice a number of red marks and bruise-like patterns on her face; around her eyes, nose and mouth - very similar to the seemingly fake infomercial that promotes some sort of skin cream, where women have a similar look - but where the "skin problems" seem mostly done by makeup. I recall this in the back of my mind and how "fake" it looks, though I suspect that Judy may actually have some sort of skin problem at this time.

As she talks about her various problems (likely mostly with her mother and how she let her ruin her life), she talks about "going back to Manuel".

I find this somewhat intriguing as there are at least four ways to look at it - the usual multilayering of authentic dreams over bland conscious constructs passed off as "dreams" - or faded residual memories of a dream where the multiple layers or important "plays" are lost...

One being that Manuel could be her (fictional) old boyfriend, which is my first impression...

Two being that she is talking about "manual control" (rather than being intimate with a man in a relationship),

Three being as opposed to "autopilot" in paying more attention to things as should be the case in her abusive (over many years) situation.

Four in reference to a paperback "instructional" manual (since my dream featured four stacks of magazines) in needing to study one to gain more critical thinking skills and "advice on life" relative to her problems.

It also turned out to have the usual precognitive layer (relative to my own perspective anyway - or a form of postcognition), as the first thing I saw after waking was the line "Former heaviest man Manuel Uribe dies aged 48" as an Internet news headline I had no way of knowing about (which actually only ties in with a news show regarding a different man who was Australian and could not get out of bed).

The "typical" shorter nightly nap dream - several layers of potential meanings or complex associations, and immediately resolved precognition. It is what it is.

stack of magazines on bed
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wife's sister
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