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candy bar wrapper
golden calves
A stolen candy bar wrapper and a girl with golden skin

Morning of May 15, 2014. Thursday.

I am riding with my wife in a landau seemingly at night or perhaps very early in the morning in what looks to be Rochester, Minnesota even though I had only been there a few times in real life. An unknown male is to our left and I seem to be in the middle. I believe we may be going down 2nd Street SW so that when we turn right, we will go past the Mayo Clinic. There are a lot of taller buildings lining the streets. What is very strange about this scene is that the one smaller brown horse pulling the carriage is nearly half a city block ahead of us on a very long lead rein. It does not seem to make much sense to me (though apparently done so that troublemakers cannot take control or cajole the horse into going the wrong direction relative to other tourists on board at the time, though the three of us are the only ones around), because I am wondering what will happen when we get to an intersection and how we will make the corner properly. It seems "normal" at first but when the horse gets to the intersection and turns right, we obviously have to stop. When we stop, we have to get out of the carriage and mess around pushing and aligning the carriage to the perpendicular adjoining street. Looking ahead, I see we will probably have to do this several more times before we get to our destination on our supposedly expensive special tour of the area. This seems so ridiculous and irritating that my wife and I leave to go to a hotel by walking instead.

In the back of my mind right now, I am wondering if this has anything to do with Martin Landau in possibly a precognitive sense. Because of how my detailed missing airplane dream that was so clearly precognitive (even regarding the Malaysian connection and an exact number) to become a major historical event, I am wondering if there is more to precognition than just the person's own quest and best future (which I basically reached fully in 1994). However, of the numerous celebrity death dreams I have had since childhood, it was usually within twenty-four hours or so, so that is probably not the case here. It may just be the similarity to my surname and the connection of his being on a show ("Space 1999") that displayed my wife's birthday in the opening title as a clue by the Source that was resolved years ago.

When we get to the hotel, we appear to be on the second floor. There is a television in the room which I find to be somewhat annoying. I am not sure how to turn it off. My wife is on the bed and there is an unusual movement over her body relating to her skin, somewhat like an ocean wave effect which I cannot quite describe.

Later, I am in the library. A lot of other people are in the library - more than I have actually seen in real life. I am standing in an area near a longer table, which is mostly to my right. A young male approaches me and pulls something out of my left plaid shirt pocket with his right hand, which is a Mars candy bar wrapper, and throws it on the table, claiming that it is against library policy for a person to carry a card in their pocket, which of course makes absolutely no sense to me, so I do what is logical; I punch him and knock him unconscious to the floor.

At this point I become lucid, so I leave the library, but which now seems to have been a part of a much larger building. I follow two people out into the hall and see that it seems to be much like the college I was a student of and later worked for in maintenance (intriguing irony) in La Crosse (WWTC). I walk westerly down the hall and I notice through the glass doors that rain is sparsely falling outside (and it seems to be winter) and feel an intense, almost lustful anticipation. I truly love walking in cold or icy rain in dreams, always have, and I know this will also heighten my lucidity even more, although sometimes the pleasure is too extreme, especially in the bottom of my feet - which changes into a strange "tickling pain" although I am wearing shoes on this occasion. I almost feel the spontaneous "pulling" above my navel, but when I walk outside, the rain is stopping. From there, I walk down the alley, and my dream seems to fade just slightly, but still fairly vivid and lucid.

I somehow end up sitting on the ground. I look out from the end of the alley and notice a pair of feminine legs which are shining with a golden light. The girl is standing near a parked car, it seems, and may be talking on a payphone or possibly a cell phone. She is wearing a short darker blue skirt and black stilettos from what I can see. I can only see the scene from the waist down due to a lower tree branch blocking much of the scene. I am intrigued because I have never, to my knowledge dreamed of glowing golden females. (This was a pale gold at times, closer to canary yellow - at one point it even looks mottled with white or paler yellow like with a real canary). She appears to be an "ordinary" human otherwise, though. When I get up and go closer, I see her walking a bit north from the car but she stops and looks at me as if expecting me to say something, but my dream fades as her glowing skin dims just a bit. It is strange, because for a short time, I am fully aware of being "half-in and half-out" of my dream for a short time relative to the sense of touch and my physical position. This last part had related to a play on "golden calves".

candy bar wrapper
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golden calves
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