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railroad track becomes ladder
guard booth is outhouse
Posh Posh Bang Bang

Morning of May 8, 2014. Thursday.

Firstly, in the open expanse of sky, I am aware of a small "guard booth", similar to the building in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (1968) where Lionel Jeffries sings “Posh!” (though that is actually a fancy outhouse, not a guard booth). Nothing else exists but blue sky and the hovering guard booth, which has no side windows by the way, but with the front and back entirely open. However, it is not Lionel Jeffries, but a young go-go dancer, a version of my wife seemingly “between two worlds” (or within a partial dream world just now being rendered, as if the booth was “designing” or “completing” the final stages of the go-go persona and look). This is because it seems like an isolated foyer as well as a sort of “gate” (vaguely reminiscent of an arc trellis, I think). I attempt contact, but the contact seems “filtered” somehow as if there is another world beyond which is on the “other side” and a bit on this side within this “portal” of sorts. (I am certain there is a play here, but it is mostly just because of doubled words, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “Posh Posh” and “go-go”.)

Because of this, I looked up “posh” in the online dictionary and one of the first things I saw was “So in Punch for September 25, 1918, do we find the first recorded instance posh, meaning ‘smart and fashionable’.”

The name “Punch” curiously brought back a prior section of the dream sequence that was a bit unusual. It was a Punch and Judy puppet show in a large park in possibly late morning. To the right, there is some sort of ladder-like structure going out from the front of the puppet stage that does not seem to be an intended part of the show. At times, though, I am reminded of a railroad track. I am weirdly “waiting” for the puppets to “notice” this (as if they were human). This ambiguous switching between ladder and railroad track has occurred at other points in my life - I think it relates to rate of dream vividness/cohesion or something (based on whether the “H” is horizontal or vertical - vertical meaning that you might be becoming more lucid or waking up). Both represent the letter “H”, though, which is also coincidentally the first and last letter of my wife’s maiden name. As a ladder, there is a brief idea that another puppet will “escape” by climbing down it, but then I remember that hand puppets do not have legs.

Eventually, the two hand puppets take notice of the “ladder/railroad track”, now moving slightly “snake-like” as if it had been meant to be a part of their routine. However, it seems to be a “mistake” in the show whereby a real train is opposite the puppet stage (the vibrations thereby causing the intentionally unseen prop to slide out of a container behind the puppet stage curtain and into view like some sort of ironic or comical foreshadowing) and heading towards the audience. Judy waves her hand to somehow acknowledge to the audience about what almost seems like a scheduled event or some such (as if the audience is going to “get clobbered” by being hit by the oncoming train). There does not seem to be a fearful awareness in the audience yet, creating the impression that it is an illusion perhaps, though this is not certain. The puppets seem “puzzled” about the audience not getting up to leave or perhaps run away…fade to black.

There has also been a very clear and ongoing recurring aspect of hypnagogia and beginning dream sequences over the last few months, which involves very intricate black wrought iron gates, which stand out more than anything else. This particular one had a heart symbol in the middle of the top section and was quite complex in the various thinner partial spirals and twists in the design. This one looks like a composite of Fertöd-château and one that appears to be in Salem (but with the heart outline being larger). At one point, the gate opens and the “landscape” behind it shifts into a beautiful fractal design that is primarily blue and circular, with an orange “border”. It is beautiful and like looking into deep space with no sense of being ungrounded in any way.

railroad track becomes ladder
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punch and judy show
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guard booth is outhouse
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