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giant snakes
looking out over the ocean
Hello, Giant Snakes

Morning of April 14, 2014. Monday.

This was a very nice and peaceful dream and it lasted a fair amount of time, though not quite as nice and relaxing as my recent highly enjoyable tidal wave dreams that seemed like healing sessions as well. It is very vivid and I am fully in-dream, enjoying all the nice giant snakes swimming around in the ocean. There are at least six or seven. They move their bodies about in complex patterns, rolling in the water, seemingly enjoying themselves. The head of the black and red one, which is about as big as a car, comes very close to my face and then turns and goes about his business.

I am mostly, at least at the beginning, on a European powerboat. I am not sure if it is around dawn or dusk at first. It may be dusk, as I did listen to the Charlie Pride song, "The Snakes Crawl at Night" probably a hundred times too many. "When the sun goes down, then the snakes will pla-ay..." though he wasn't actually talking about snakes in the song at all, but when you're young, you don't understand a lot of things. I even thought a boa constrictor was some kind of octopus. Then again, the way these giant snakes move about in the water does kind of bring to mind the idea of a giant octopus.

I like giant snakes, especially the black and red or purple ones. They are fun to play with and ride around on and are more assertive and confident over normal-sized ones, which sometimes just slither off or hide. This reminded me of my "War of the Serpents" dream from childhood, which I haven't posted to my new online journals yet. I suppose in a way, I am reminded of Cecil, from "Beany and Cecil", but unlike most things I saw when much younger, I found "Beany and Cecil" to be extraordinary annoying and badly designed as an adult when seen recently.

Eventually, there are less and less giant snakes and I assume they are swimming off into the sunset, which is quite beautiful.

giant snakes
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looking out over the ocean
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