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my heart soars
my heart sings
"My Heart Soars"

Morning of April 6, 2014. Sunday.

Since early childhood I have made it a good habit to seriously look at certain older dream records (sometimes relative to the date - as dreams sometimes have "anniversary" layers - difficult to explain unless you have "been there") as long as they were very long, of many simultaneous layers, as well as not being fully literally (or visually) precognitive to full dominance over any other aspects or "interpretation". Many dreams, if visually remembered (and documented - including with drawings and such) in fine detail, do not fully "integrate" with your experience until many years later.

This newest shorter dream seems related to some sort of continuity of a prior dream record: http://blue-opossum.tumblr.com/post/81853328608/flash-of-fire-a-sign-of-things-to-come

As stated in print in a presently private entry (my journal will again be fully public when everything is recorded to Tumblr, bit by bit), a forum user on another site thought the dream was "remarkable" because people "do not dream of fire". Frankly, I dream of fire all the time (and not always in a negative sense) - including the next dream I will post after this one. I confess that I honestly remain completely baffled when reading about consensus-based ideas on dreams in general, including the circular strangeness of dreams always representing dream journals. I honestly cannot mentally handle seeing that level of utter foolishness even one more time, so will completely pass on any journal that promotes such an absurd and valueless idea from now on.

The impression I got in this "continuation" was that "speak to me" was said. I am not one hundred percent sure if my dream self had said it, or if a tulpa or "entity" or whatever type had said it. I realize that the song with this line continues as "...and my heart soars".

This comes from Chief Dan George originally (not heard for years). I had made not the slightest association with the previous "version" of the dream until today, and I had looked at this dream again only briefly prior to the new version, which is pretty much the same except for the presence of the "speak to me" phrasing. The question is, how would this be classified? It has some sort of internal synchronicity (perhaps not the correct word in this case) and seems to give a more positive light to the previous dream version.

In the original version, the raven or black bird seemed to have jumped from my spine and not my chest (although it was the same general area). The bird, as a heart (or energy from the spine) "soars" and flies away.

You may find it unusual that I do not know "who" said it. I can share (again, I believe) three real-life examples of a form of telepathy in which the source cannot be one hundred percent identified:

Real-life example One (occurring at a hospital in La Crosse):

An older patient (a complete stranger) at a hospital visitor's room had been singing a song in a somewhat loose manner. Into my mind, I "feel" the form of the phrase: "Can you sing 'After the Ball?'" and he (without a single cue from me and giving me a curious glance) starts singing "After the Ball". In this case, I could not pinpoint where the phrase came from.

Real-life example Two (occurring in Clayfield in Brisbane, Australia):

A Jehovah's Witness was sitting on the couch perpendicular to where my wife and I were in our home (yes, believe it or not my patience is nearly endless at times and we allowed them in). He says something along the lines of an event and a date, "...in 1900". In my mind, immediately flashes the phrase in a "sped-up" form: "Are you sure it was not in 1901 when my father was born". At that exact moment (slightly after the phrase occurred), he blinked oddly (as if getting a "message" internally somehow), and added... "or 1901..."

Real-life example Three (Wavell Heights, Brisbane):

As I am sitting at the table, looking at the computer, my daughter comes in. She is barely three at the time. Around this time I happen to randomly see an image of Beetle Bailey (my daughter had no idea who this was), a comic strip I had not seen in some time. At the same time, for the first time ever, I get this odd impression of a fictional song... "Won't you come home Beetle Bailey...". Briefly, my daughter started singing the song (without ever possibly having heard it before) doing a subtle dance, and with the same wrong line rather than the correct "Bill Bailey" (note that she did not see the computer screen, anyway - and I had not been speaking at all). My jaw dropped, as that was a bit over-the-top even for my experience in some ways.

I can offer hundreds of other examples (and can even demonstrate how it can happen with fractal continuity without even a "paranormal" reason).

Coincidence or imagination? Of course not, are you kidding? There is too much relevant detail to be chance. Apparently a lot of people do not understand (n!) factorials (or the difference between two-dimensional strata and three-dimensional strata and the exponential aspect), so I guess cannot be blamed for that limitation in either experience or understanding. It is a good way to avoid the "fear factor", though and a quaint cop-out. It is genuine telepathy that seems somewhat spontaneous (and neither directed or guided by personal will in any way). Thus it is not a power or a force for personal use. It is like digesting food. It simply is.

Regarding the "continuing" dream, the association with the heart as the bird and "soaring" is one I will perhaps be looking into more. There is also a recognized consensus idea of a "heart being on fire" (no, not heartburn). There is also (as explored in the next dream) a sort of association with a black bird's molted feathers being as ash and a white bird's molted feathers being as snow.

my heart sings
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my heart soars
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