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spirograph tornado
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tunnel of ice
Ice Tunnel and Spirograph Tornado

Night of March 27, 2014. Thursday.

I am wandering about in an unknown neighborhood (possibly in late afternoon); could be either the USA or Australia, though it is probably meant to be the USA as there is snow about, and the weather would be correct if assuming Wisconsin.

I move my hand over a green picket fence and then a mailbox for some reason (the metal type with a semicircular top). The mailbox seems familiar and possibly to a house of someone I know - but not familiar in afterthought. After a time, I notice that I have the power to make snow and ice over everything. The sound as the power unfolds is very similar to the sound of a boot crunching into new deep snow. I soon notice that the entire left side of the street is a wall of snow and ice with the mailbox just slightly protruding to indicate any sign of man-made aspects ever having been there at all. Eventually, the right side also becomes a wall of snow in a sort of blissful, pleasing awareness.

However, I soon notice that I am walking through a long perfectly round tunnel seemingly made entirely of snow but with a small shallow stream moving through the lower arc just up to my ankles. I guess I made the entire region into being covered completely with snow. I feel very happy. As I have said in the past, snow and ice is one of the most ecstatic and stimulating dream features. Over time, I feel so blissed-out and ecstatic, I simply fall down into the welcoming coldness, with sensations of "melting skin" causing "sweet" body-wide sensations.

After a few minutes, I feel myself being dragged face-down through the cool shallow water. There is an (unknown) girl on each side holding onto each of my arms pulling me along. They are both wearing elaborate golden jewelry in several forms, including large earrings and bracelets and even a collar. I feel slightly embarrassed, mainly because I do not quite know what to say or how to address them. Instead, I mostly just make stupid vocal sounds and comments like "Wherem I goin'?" (instead of the more logical "Where are you taking me?"). Being dragged through the ice like this is almost unbearably pleasant. It is almost close to (but not as intense or fifty-percent unpleasant) as the "painful" feelings in dreams where I walk on train-tracks and become overly aware of the bizarre sensations in the bottoms of my feet - or walk barefoot in the streets at night during a heavier cool rain (in dreams only).

Over time, we enter a large room. For a time, I see a shadow of who I perceive to be my wife (who eventually stands), but she has the associations of a late 1940s "jungle girl/queen/goddess" comic book (I even sense a leopard and a torch on each side of her throne). She is sitting on a throne which at first looks like an intricate and high-backed park bench but which has spirals and spiderweb-like patterns going about the area from it. The area is like some sort of domed cave but with a modern feel, somehow, perhaps man-made. The patterns actually change as I am trying to focus, in breathtakingly beautiful ways.

Over time, I notice a large tornado. However, the tornado is made of variously-colored lines and turns into a "Spirograph" tornado and is mostly nonthreatening. It morphs through various swirling three-dimensional Spirograph designs as I watch and begin to "float".

spirograph tornado
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tunnel of ice
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1940s jungle girl
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