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alien humanoid cats
surgically altered cats
The Alien Cat-Wife Conspiracy

Morning of March 20, 2014. Thursday.

I am seemingly at my sister Marilyn’s house, but it is not represented as such at all in my dream. Instead, I believe it is some sort of building where there is a documentary being pieced together - the otherwise large kitchen seems to be the main newsroom where the guests are discussing their fringe lifestyle. It concerns a group of about ten people who are involved in an isolated religious sect or cult to where they can only marry “alien cats” or whatever. These “alien cat people” are supposedly from a distant planet that has some sort of secret ties with the Earth and are somehow genetically compatible with humans.

However, the truth is being delved into in that the “cat people” are not really aliens but genetically and surgically altered domestic cats. There is a point at which I see one of the altered cats walking about somewhat clumsily on its two hind legs while only being slightly bigger than a typical house cat.

At a later point, a larger cat seems to try to eat my hand in the “living room” (this obviously comes from an image I saw on another user’s entry on one site as well as their dream itself). The room is different in that it has some sort of thinner fiberboard utility wall for tools or cords on the southern side and through the middle, halving the size of the area where I am. I do not think I can “reason” with the cat. It is quite annoying, but I am not hurt. It dawns on me eventually that it would be quite problematic to be “married” to an alien cat person even if such had any other potential relative to the media attention or weird isolationist religion.

alien humanoid cats
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surgically altered cats
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