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Night of March 20, 2014. Thursday.

As I have said in the past, I never include “programmed” or scripted dreams unless the script is only a generic Source affirmation (such as "I am the continuity of maximum well-being" or "I am of the light of Universal Love", and so on), as it would not be fair to the people who do not have that option or access to how it is done or are even remotely aware that it can be done (and of course - the usual people who have no clue and would not believe such a thing would be possible in the first place). After considering this again in a different light for the first time since about 2004 (when I first had more detailed dream journals online), I have decided to post some aspects of some scripted dreams from time to time, only regarding the fully “open” branches (meaning the segments or events that are not exactly scripted).

It usually works like this…I create about six or more quite different scenarios and foundational elements (as a child I sometimes went on and on making a session that was way too long for normal sleep), sometimes using more precise wording, but there is a point at which more precise wording does not work exactly as it should (though it depends much on the liminal state and which “direction” the consciousness is flowing). I suspect this is due to certain parts of the higher mind during half-sleep to deep sleep to be separated from certain language centers and the fact that many words in the English language have several (even opposite) meanings. Because of how the mind pulses especially during such as sleep paralysis when it becomes quite noticeable, some words are even naturally omitted in sequence. That, and the fact that if the residual pattern is no longer fully going on its own momentum so to speak, there will be hilarious changes (as with the recent white gorilla dream - but I think I have had quite enough of that for now and will no longer use residual aspects - only direct ones while beginning sleep).

In this particular case, I now have a setup with the potential for purposeful shared dreaming on a regular basis once again. However, as I have said before, even scripted shared dreaming has “filters” by which each person is set into their own perspective of the scenario - for example, the deliberately shared dream from years ago where a (unscripted aspect) hollow silver ball radiating healing energies doing figure eights above me was actually a toy airplane flying in a figure eight in my wife’s dream - this one being remarkable as there was no mention of sound and no real sound as such at the time - yet we both heard the exact same loud humming frequency in our deeper dream state at the same time - intriguing, really. Scripted shared dreaming, or even non-scripted shared dreaming seems pretty much an obvious “no-brainer” in its potential. It is not really that hard to instigate and often happens unintentionally (and as I have seen quite often, the second party does not even need to know what the script even is if they sleep next to that person who does). Also consider that two people watching the same movie in real life (even together at the same time) will “experience” and interpret it in different ways. That does not mean they are not watching the same movie - because they obviously are in this example.

So I used one of my favorite foundations regarding the Enchanted Forest (the more “swampy” section) and the tree-house scenario (which is always different since I leave a lot “open”). In this particular case, the beauty was astounding. Two of the better words to have “in state” are “beautiful” and “happiness” - these words, though seemingly basic, are remarkable in the power to alter the flow of semiconscious thought, though there are many more that are quite basic but extremely powerful. Because I had the special audio pulsing to my right and also had the humidifier going (in rotating mode), it created a “perfect” rhythmic flow of sound and moving air (white noise and patterned sensations on the body). As I have said often before, “healthy” is usually the word to use, not “healing” (though it does seem to depend on the context and even time of day). With “healing”, the mind produces an unresolved state of perpetual healing, and in the lucid dream state, makes holes and cysts in your body to be filled or healed in the dream or come up with fictional (in-dream only) scenarios by which you are later on partially “healed”. Words take on a life of their own, so the correct ones are important. When using “I am healing” - the phrase triggers the circumstance that the healing is never complete and you might even absentmindedly get into situations where you need additional healing. This also seems to be because the word itself may be perceived as a gerund and altered relative to the tense as well. (A gerund is a noun formed from a verb - the term “The healing” - as a noun and “I am healing” - as a verb, though quite different, can be “seen” in entirely different ways in other levels of consciousness.) One additional note - do not be surprised when using an intransitive verb that the mind “plays” with you and turns it into a potentially transitive one. (For example, “I am running” into “I am running a circus”.)

During the first part of the night, before I burned the CD and set up the system, I was talking to my wife about the idea of forcing my subconscious to believe I had taken a dream enhancement drug of whatever kind. Because, really, “programming” my mind that I had taken a particular drug and actually taking a particular drug makes absolutely no difference in this way (which is why I have never taken any in the first place in my lifetime). She said I might also have some of the inherent side effects claimed by some people (even if I did not know what they were or were supposed to be - due to the nature of how the supraconscious works) and plus, even though the body can produce any kind of chemical on its own (supposedly), there may be unknown potential negatives in this idea. Not only that, it is pointless anyway as I can just instigate things without such additional silliness on my part. In the long run, I do not think it is a good idea to tamper with perceptions of molecules and compounds at the liminal level, anyway, unless I want to produce gold in a higher quantity, but I have never tried that. (No, really, I have not - I assume the gold would have to come out of my body somehow and I would not want to lose my eyes or ears or whatever - but seriously…)

Once again, I digress in a major way. Time to get to the main focus of the entry.

Anyway, the marshy forest is quite beautiful and vivid. The detail of the “tree-house” is amazing. Curiously, though, it looks just like a large old Swiss farmhouse built high in the large branches and with a flower-box midway up on at least one side. I am in this part of the dream for what seems like a very long time, sort of hovering and moving about fairly close to the environment and feeling very blissful, almost ecstatic. I am later on a larger branch or a platform on one of the large branches. During this same time my wife said she had been dreaming of a light coming from under a door.

A younger Caucasian girl comes out, with longer brown hair, and wearing a shimmering orange dress (pure orange, yet also somewhat lamé-like in properties of the material) and a fresh wreath of flowers on her head - she is radiating an almost overwhelming sense of happiness and openness (this always occurs in this type of scene, though) and with a sort of glow about her (the “sped-up” cilia-like energy form I described once in my older online journal from 2008, I think). There is that very precise and vivid feeling of when a person walks up to you and you are aware of the slight change in the scent of the air and a subtle feeling of movement. Anyhow, none of the additional details regarding the setup were scripted. The age, race, style of dress, culture, century of living, etc. - none of those were in the “programming” - which was quite short and very open - just a goddess-like form that could have been any passing-by random entity so long as there were positive intentions and openness only. As I bask in the dream’s full point of lucidity and light, I am aware of a vague second-layer of commentary coming in, almost like a fuzzy radio broadcast. Her name is “Princess Dunn”. Around this time, I hear that it is fully "Princess Dunn Duty". (It actually seems more like a layered dream at this point - that is, two dreams simultaneously - the overwhelmingly lucid one and a normal one at the same time.) However, I “gasp” myself out of the scene due to not being able to handle the particular state of bliss and move more back into images of trees and forests and my body slowly “recovers” from the “rapidly and continuously melting” effect. Still, it was a good coloring of the mind which will last for some time (at least a day or so). I must say, though, that my body still feels rather blissed-out even several hours later.

Of course, a variation could be “Dudie”, “Doodie”, “Dutie”, and so on, as well as “Dunn” being like “Done”…”Done Duty”.

But anyway…wait…wait…

“Princess Dunn Duty?”

Hmmm. I think it is time to start scripting names.

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