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Cereal break with "Gunsmoke" cast

Morning of March 17, 2014. Monday.

I am riding in a nice (unfamiliar) car with a few other people. They remain unknown until the last scene. I am in the back seat. As we are going along through a mostly rural area during late afternoon I think, I get the vague idea to journey into "my" Enchanted Forest. I almost always enter it at about a twenty-two degree angle from the northern treeline while going east (depending on the overall directional orientation, which is sometimes ambiguous) but in this case, we seem to be traveling on the south edge of the area. I have gone in from other directions in dreams of years ago, but the fictional area “looks different” in that it is less Florida-like than usual.

I give instructions on where to turn and the car goes in (to my right) at about a thirty degree angle and I notice another car parked along the road as we go down the road through the dense forest. As we go along, four more cars are parked on the left side of the road in fairly close proximity, and there are also several buildings (left side only other than the small restaurant near where the road merges with the highway - which is to the right), mostly rural residential and not uniform as would be the case in an urban setting. It seems quite annoying and “wrong” that there are other people here - especially human-built structures. Not only that, we quickly come to the other side that opens out onto a highway of the same basic appearance as the one we had been on just before turning. The Enchanted Forest and secret "place of power" thus only seems about two city blocks wide, if that. I state my annoyance but not that aggressively. I am disappointed (but there is no embarrassment as would be the case in a more vivid dream when an “audience” is present as here).

We get out and look around. There are no other people around as if the area had been temporarily abandoned. I do not think there are health concerns (as perhaps a result of a chemical spill or whatever) - it just seems that the people left inexplicably, leaving their cars along the road as well. This is probably not the Enchanted Forest anyway. The inactive and seemingly abandoned outdoor restaurant has unlocked accessible shelves, where I grab a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal and a carton of milk, as I am feeling hungry. “Doc” from “Gunsmoke” (Milburn Stone) does the same thing and is soon seated near me (to my right) at an outdoor counter, which is higher up than a picnic table, although I believe he took a box of Post’s Sugar Krinkles.

Soon, James Arness (probably the car’s driver - I had not been paying much attention), as his Matt Dillon character, starts complaining about how we all stole the cereal. (The other cast members are also apparently hungry, including Amanda Blake and Ken Curtis.) He says something in a somewhat dramatic and patronizing manner - along the lines of "it was honest men that made this country what it is and built it up to the great country it is today" (referring more to the 1800s America, I think).

I turn around and boldly, without hesitation, look at him face to face, "…and men need food and nourishment to live or there would be no men in the first place to make this country," I reply sarcastically. I then start to loudly call him a number of rude slang names in a few different languages, including curse words and obnoxious phrases. I and the others continue to eat our cereal with no additional drama or conflict.

gunsmoke television show
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eating cereal
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matt dillon
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