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an orange being thrown at me
"Send in the Clones"

Morning of March 14, 2014. Friday.

Yes, I know...but my brain is too tired (too warm here) to come up with something creative or at least endurable for the title.

This dream has two mostly unrelated sections offset from each other and was kind of hard to follow, but I can summarize a few ideas including the movie-like "twist ending".

I think it is in the 1980s in my dream. At one point, there seems to be a fictional house closer to the highway and just north of my Cubitis home where the first north/south row of the orange grove would be in reality. I have never dreamed of this fictional house or orientation before, ever. I am in what is possibly the living room and an unknown person throws an orange at me through the doorway from somewhere near the neighbor's house just south of us - or rather, it hits the ground outside and rolls through the doorway. I do not see the person; the orange just comes flying out of nowhere, but near ground level. Lisa is not living there, though. I pick up a steel bar to go knock the person unconscious for doing that.

I assume the house is abandoned for some reason (recurring), but there is a car parked in the driveway. I open the front door and there is a large bed in the middle of the living room and a television in the northwest corner of the main living room area. The size, ceiling height, and everything else seems fairly close to reality other than the bed. (However, there are some unusual additional shrubs covering much of one area of the yard just to the north, which I think should be removed for some reason.) There are three males on the large bed in various areas, just lounging around, one sitting on each end and another man in the middle. One of them is seemingly Randyl S (no idea about the others), a friend from La Crosse who had never lived in Florida to my knowledge. I say his name and he says "yes" (meaning that he acknowledges that is his name - though oddly, I am not certain if it is the same Randyl I knew). I do not use the bar on anyone and feel less angry at that point, yet I am not quite sure what to talk to him about - and I still do not know who threw the orange - it may not actually be one of the ones there in the room - I sense he may still be outside somewhere (near the outer southern wall of the house, maybe), or maybe it was meant to be a playful attention-getting act (it was not really threatening - just annoying).

The orange-throwing event is actually something that happened to my wife when she was younger. Her step father threw an orange so hard that it put a hole in the wall and it was near a doorway. (It is possible I had heard of this event so I am not tagging it as postcognition.)

Later, my dream shifts into a movie-like event, some of which had seemingly been established earlier somehow (prior to the previous scene described above). There is some sort of life-form that takes over a person and from there, makes identical clones of the person (even all the exact same clothing). I am not sure if it was originally an "engineered" creature made on Earth, or some sort of alien.

Anyhow, there are three unknown people, two males and a female. They are clever at getting away from the cloning creatures - or at least it seems that way. They are seemingly the last hope of the human race to stay human and individual. I watch in "hovering perspective", still in the three-dimensional environment as the events unfold. There is a point at which there are a few clones wandering about, but they are not much of a threat, and there are not really that many.

I see the three main characters go through a supposedly secret area beyond a large section of hedges and into a hidden clearing - supposedly one of the last safe places to be away from the activity of the human-like cloning "creatures". It turns out, however, that there are at least twenty or more clones of each of these three people, though they do not seem to acknowledge this at all. They are still planning something relating to dominance or at least long-term survival. This seems, in my dream, to be a rather entertaining surprise ending.

an orange being thrown at me
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