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missing airplane event
notes on precognition
Notes on the precog missing airplane dream (Augmented-2)

This is an extensive and lengthy rewrite of the original “additional notes” entry to expand on some issues and facts that were not originally considered directly relevant. Being “bothered” about why this level of impersonal precognition occurred and there being no signs anyone else had been aware of the event horizon, I looked more into it and found out my “odd” ideas were correct (at least in theory) even though any “real” pattern implies something “impossible”, so I will spare the casual reader (for now).

One of the original details I did not include (February 27th, 2014 dream) was the transformation of the word “WHOLE” (as in “complete”) which seemed to represent the male/female silhouettes on knees and clasping hands I will write more of here later. As is typical in dreams, the letters shift briefly to “OLEHW” (an almost-but-not-quite reversal - as the vowels are switched). This may not make sense until you turn it upside down and it looks like MH370, and if you do not know what that is you are reading the wrong entry…

Unfortunately, when it comes to posting (in a timely manner) all the relevant on-hand data of a particular dream, I have a tendency to sabotage myself (perhaps out of “self-preservation” - difficult to say). I have done this often in the past with both ridiculous irrelevant (even contrary) titles and absentminded alteration of duplicated ideas in a “reset” that may likely only indicate one instance, as well as leaving out the more significant “matching” (this weird anomalous perspective has been with me since 1966 - almost as if I am subconsciously intentionally making it look less unexplainable). In this case - the one airplane vanished in reality instead of two. For those unfortunate enough to think I am dishonest in any way - in this particular case, I got slightly “lucky” for those “poor souls” who claim fabrication. Although I have recently enhanced several entries (and continue to do so over time for more and more relevant associations), one of the originals still exists with the site’s unaltered time stamp of February 27th, 2014. That one can be found here: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/blue_opossum/vanished-who-didnt-really-vanish-55755/

Obviously, there cannot be 65,000 people on an airplane as the dream seemed to imply at one point (although it was not very vivid at that point), so why did I remote view this particular number? Well, because of this: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/malaysia-airlines-affair-raises-security-concerns-over-passport-trafficking-1.2568491

“We don’t have the sense of how many fake passports there are because, by nature, it is illegal, but we know one thing: there’s 65,000 Canadian passports missing,” said Juneau-Katsuya.” I am more familiar with Canada, of course, and associate it with the Arctic region or, for a stretch, the North Pole. Dreams can really alter what is “given” to where it is hardly recognizable upon waking and writing. The actual plane was apparently a 777. I only guessed I was seeing a 747.

There are two other dreams relevant to this event (and there were several other precognitive dreams during this time - one immediately foreshadowing the discovery of the coins in California and another right before we were actually visited by “confused” fireman - too much detail to be coincidence, especially as not a single fireman had visited me at any previous home, ever). However, a few other dreams have vaguer connections, one including sitting around in an airport waiting for a “missing flight” and references to vanishing “down the drain” in the same dream period (March 4th, 2014).

During this time, I had recalled an older dream for some reason (I was associating Malaysian flying lizards with airplanes for who-knows-what reason), which actually then recurred. This related to a pet draco valens - or Malaysian flying lizard. There are two entries relative to this, a much older one (which just happened to recur on the 28th) and the new one:



Although I have continued to recently enhance the “aliens” dreams, the original posted date for the Malaysian flying lizard dream (the same as the original aliens dream - March 5th) can be seen here with no update: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/blue_opossum/little-lost-draco-55937/

One thing that I am trying to “connect” due to its very eerie association is the male and female (on knees under a table in a dark classroom) clasping hands silhouette - which for some reason seems to be the essence of all life (at least related to my own life). Prior to the missing airplane dreams, I had only associated this with a dream that followed two precise precognitive dreams related to the death of a classmate. Indeed, I have to wonder what significance it now has (originally it seemed to represent the “imaginary girl” I was to marry “under the table”/”down under” - also associated with “turning the tables” on people who, for whatever reason, seemed to hate me). The source itself is fairly inconsequential, yet somehow “deeper” in my subconscious than many other fixed images. Here is a rough draft of what will eventually be expanded on in due time: http://blue-opossum.tumblr.com/post/104494619850/the-before-and-the-after-a-quiet-little-trauma

After M’s sudden death (March 16th, 1974), and other events, and Susan’s later repeated real-life (“not telepathy this time”) and rather over-the-top emotional “please think of me - be with me” routine, I “separated” from her completely (though seeing her mood later on, felt quite bad about it but did not know what to do or say - I no longer felt “good enough for her” - and being racially different, it was of course a “bad idea” in the southern USA - especially in the mid-70s - though people kept calling me Japanese and Chinese - shows you what little credibility humanity has for me). After this, the “mystery girl” took over at a “closer” level. In some ways, people saw a lot of “funny business” during these years. Because of several “battle” dreams (including lightning striking a cross off of a necklace Susan R wore, to be followed by the “mystery girl” being “closer” to me), people though it was a “dark” path. As I have discovered and lived over the last twenty years, the only thing “dark” was my wife’s mother, who turned out to be the most “evil” person I have ever met, several times over.

Why the seeming link between M’s death and the vanishing airplanes (other than an eerie mystery which seems to have some sort of “reason”)? The Source itself in both cases seems to be male and female clasping hands “under the table” - “another version of me” - and sharing…something…but what?

As usual, this is the “tip of the iceberg”, so to speak, a tiny facet of my genuine life history.

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