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notes on liminality
Notes on dreams and "paranormal" types and liminality 3-2014

As I have stated for many years, even as a child (when even then I saw dreams in an entirely different way than “everyone else”), the majority of dreams have no elusive symbolic meaning (or so-called “interpretation”) on a consensus-based whole (due to the nature of individuality and personal associations just for starters) - and are often directly literal in their precognitive elements, both visually and event-related. Even so, always linked to what is not-yet-seen even if it is a comic book, a friend’s drawing, a story not yet heard outside my dream, or television show, or something equally insignificant to survival or quite “distant” to one’s own direct experience of the environment itself. Telepathy and precognition have been measured by myself as having very precise liminal “locations”, moods, and patterns. Over the years, I have pinpointed certain aspects of thousands of events, even if I do not know how to “label” them. After all this time, I am not sure of the “rules” or exact mechanisms between “here” and “there”. There seem to be several different potentials at work on any given stage of sleep or meditation and things can be vastly different at different times even in terms of depth perception or equidistant layers of consciousness in unusual half-sleeps (which sometimes feel timeless). Over the years, I have also been able to look back on a dream and integrate it in a different way into the totality of my understanding on a personal level - sometimes with somewhat abstract links to other things and lifelong recurring patterns. Sometimes this results in strange nostalgic facets that seem to take on a life of their own. I will share an example…

In a recent dream, I had created by a “magical” waving of my right hand, a “double apple” (one apple of two seemingly “fused” ones with two stalks and two calyx areas). There are many ways to look at this, from masculine sexuality (regarding the scrotum) to the so-called, but seriously futile “original sin” regarding the apple. Even as a child, I knew that the apple had nothing to do with sin and was not the “forbidden fruit” by any interpretation of any kind. The only mention of the apple in fact (symbolically in this case), in the Bible, is in a positive light, in such as in Psalms 17:8 - “Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings”. However, there is also an implication that when “apple” appears in the Bible in this way, it is meant to actually mean “pupil” - though regarding the fruit, there are lines like Proverbs 25:11 - “Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances.” So, contrary to what people claim, the apple is supposedly “truth”, not a symbol of sin or so-called temptation (not even sure what that means or implies) - even the “Adam’s apple” is a ridiculous misnomer. I digress, though. Looking at this, I was also “reminded” in a subtle way that bordered on some sort of remote-viewing-like mystery that had all but faded, of the magnetic field. In other words, this “fused twin” of an apple also seemed layered with the magnetic field of Earth for some reason I cannot fully grasp, but this happens often. Looking at certain (not all) diagrams of the Earth’s magnetic field, I am curiously reminded of the aspect of that part of my dream. Additionally, though, I was able to relate it more to other planets on britannica.com: “The magnetic field of Neptune (and of the other planets) is approximately apple-shaped”. I also found: “Some Solar Wind, however makes it into our upper atmosphere at the North and South poles where the Magnetic field is shaped like an apple core” (locustfist.com).

The fact that I made it go “darker” in nature (not in a negative sense but changing it into a different variety of apple) does not seem to associate with magnetism in the same way. There are various ways to look at this. “Darkening” might have meant that I was going deeper into my dream. The actual apple variety change-over seemed to be “Pink Lady” to (much darker) “Red Delicious”, which has sensual overtones, of course, but may also be a weird play on Caucasian to Roma or Native American (the disinterested woman at the table was Caucasian). Not only that, it also seems to relate to something my wife and I recently saw in an old movie where two heart symbols were fused in a similar way. (“Nightmare Castle” from 1965).

Getting more into the purpose of this entry, I wanted to select some “identical places” or “phases” regarding implied paranormal perception, which I will get to eventually.

In dreams, it is sometimes harder to distinguish the line between remote-viewing of (presumed) choice and that caused by telepathic beckoning. In the extremely vivid dream where I remote-viewed the fire in sister Marilyn’s fuse-box at the exact same time it occurred (and was the only time she ever had a fire or even messed with the fuse box in any way) - I assume this was some form of telepathic beckoning based on her ever-so-slight fear (telepathic beckoning also seems to be triggered by someone else’s uncharacteristic anger or worry). It was not at all like a typical (even typically precognitive) dream. I was more like a small ball floating around near the scene. The environmental detail was exact and correct - but this is not always the case. My sister actually seemed almost a “giant” in this regard, not at all like the usual dream perception. The location of the isolated fire in the fuse box was also exact (same fuse - though I hardly saw the box open in real life). It would be ridiculous to classify this as anything but paranormal.

The fuse box dream had the same general feeling at most levels as another dream of a fire that occurred at the exact same time as the real fire. A brother’s friend had died in that fire. The newspaper article reflected the exact same mental phrasing as in my dream as to how the ceiling burned in an unusual way. Again, the associations and detail were too exact to be coincidental even going to extremes in trying to come up with a supposedly logical explanation (such as “I was probably aware of the beginning fire in the insulation from subconsciously smelling it or whatnot - c’mon now - there were several other people there for far longer than my short visit - and no one “sensed” or smelled it at any time or they certainly would not have stayed in the house to burn to death - and the article confirmed the start of the fire as at the time my dream started).

In a different dream, I “lived” the death of another young male who was dragged by his coat sleeve when a bus door closed on it at the same time it had occurred - another event that would be ridiculous to attempt to “explain away” as many are so fond of doing (and thus make fools of themselves in more ways than one). I should point out that I had not seen anyone get their coat caught on the bus doors in real life prior to the actual event that day. This is one of the only dreams where I directly “experienced” the falling down and dying of the victim (in the exact same way and same location) as opposed to more common variations of foreshadowing or precognition. There seems to be a significant number of various types of precognition, foreshadowing, foreshadowing based on actual previous impersonal associations (such as with the media or pop culture) unrelated to one’s own direct viewpoint or path, and many, many variations all in all - so many variations, that it is difficult to pigeonhole such paranormality to any one type (one reason I do not believe in “psychics”, either spontaneously on public “demand” or with continuous willful potential). However, the house fire dream had an entirely different “atmosphere” than typical dreams - I would say the same atmosphere as my dream that “saw” the year-ahead meeting of Charlie Pride and which also had a (fictional) “buzzing” owl statue of obsidian in the northeast area of the Cubitis house. There is something about the awareness-level and “in-dream” physical awareness that is slightly different than other types.

Two similar remote-viewing-like events I can associate directly as having almost the exact same “mood” and mental nuances - and thus possibly the same sort of mental or dimensional “domain” or distinct perceptual level compared to hundreds of other types of unexplained events. These both relate to reading something exactly as it was in an odd sort of vivid dream state a short time before seeing it in reality. In one case, the “more dishes - less dishes” gag from the Nancy comic strip (of which it would be beyond absurd to attribute to coincidence of any kind) and in the other case the “I am Michael Jackson” amusing story from a tabloid. These mental states did seem to be identical, yet not like other various dream states. In both cases, the timing was nearly the same (within the half-hour of my dream as to seeing it in reality). The “within a half-hour” experience seems to be fairly common with some types of unexplainable perception - but only those that seemingly relate to a stronger focus on my dream imagery. However, in both cases, I would have apparently “seen” through several layers/pages of paper if it was, in fact, some sort of remote-viewing - which seems the only explanation other than another type of precognition relative to one’s own ongoing perspective. It is difficult to pigeonhole unless taking precise awareness-levels into account and knowing they are somehow the same “type” of dream-related event, especially on validation of the foresight-like aspect.

My guess is that various forms of liminal awareness have the same “rules” to some extent as the electromagnetic field and are isolated to particular “bands” of consciousness in particular stages of sleep, rest, or even illness and each have their own individual wavelengths as a whole. If this is the case, what are the boundaries? For example, where is the exact point at which one color (for example, in symbolic comparison to a rainbow) or sound begins to transform into another one, or to put it in a more layman-like way, where does the radio station fade out and another come in? At what point, even, does lucidity come into play, and would such suggest multilayered or multidimensional “bands” of perception or consciousness? Even more-so, could spectrographic images be made of such to see the differences? This can also relate to magnetism. At what point is the point of no return met and the fields attract each other rather forcefully as opposed to being somewhat neutral (or “uneventful”) in their position?

One more thing I should mention again is how precognition of not-yet-seen (but quite detailed) stories sometimes seem to integrate themselves into one’s dream at a quite personal level. This is true for such as the “Tired Queen/Tire Queen” dream where I experienced it as a personal dream a short time before I was given a comic book with the exact same plot (of Hot Stuff going through a tire as a portal into another world) and outcome (of the “tire portal” no longer being accessible because of an assumed “blow out”). This seems to be a completely different type of precognition than that which is far more impersonal or based more on actual visual items not yet a part of a person’s path and of course, the literally visual type (with a very high level of precision in visual detail and complexity) which could never possibly be coincidental no matter how ignorant a person pretends to be on his own behalf.

Since I have already written quite a bit on a few different types of common precognition, I will not go into certain aspects again here. I may be able to add a bit on “triggered precognition” which is when reading something or seeing something vividly triggers the memory of a dream you would have completely forgotten otherwise. It may seem strange, but I do consider that a type of precognition (especially when a greater amount of detail is involved), albeit a “lesser” type (if such should be seen as “lesser”). I have also associated it (more rarely) with waking up from a sound, when my dream actually seems to unfold (over a longer time period) towards that particular consciously unexpected sound - not an alarm clock of course - you would subconsciously be aware of that potential - but this does not always happen, as sometimes a sound completely warps a dream in an apparently unexpected way even when you are (subconsciously) expecting it. An example of the sound-not-yet-heard influencing a dream was my dream about the “were-hyena” (which was also precognitive to a television show much later on). My dream had gone on for some time and curiously started to be localized at the house across the street. Over time, the creature made the maniacal “laughing hyena” sound and eventually a real life sound suddenly woke me in terror some time later as the “were hyena” had come face to face with his “final” victim in that house - a sound of a car being stuck and squealing in a very unique and strange way (across the street at the house in my dream - one of the only times I dreamed of that house) - the first time these people had done that. One might say, “oh, you had the dream and it was three seconds long and you heard the sound at the same time the dream started and right as it woke you up”. Yeah…totally ridiculous…not that gullible…sorry. It is always funny how “explanations” (from the “average” person) often seem far more bizarre and “weird” than the implications of the “unknown” or “paranormal” - and often cop-outs that leave most of the nuances (even very foundation) out of the picture. That is how I have always seen it since earliest memory. People are so lacking in credibility or even realistic critical thinking of any kind (especially when it challenges their beliefs), it is hard to believe or accept.

The Source seems to be “all light” even if that sounds somewhat cliché or “too New-Agey”. At some levels (validated by my wife during meditation years ago using the same phrasing I always used regarding universality), it sometimes has visible rainbow-like layers or “bands” around a manlike form (though all variations of semi-transparent whitish light for the most part, onion-like), which expands much more outward from some people than others - to the point of being quite strange in the huge differences (other than in some cases where people actually project bands of darkness - a “falling ash” effect, which I have only seen one person do in my lifetime firsthand). It seems to be in all space and (non-linear) time. The events associated with it often seem very trivial and random to the point of often being missed until a closer examination is made. Although it is “closer” to my waking self these days (something I did not believe was possible when younger) and less liminal than ever, I still do not know the “how” of “manipulation” if that is even possible - or maybe it is simply swimming with the current instead of against it. Really, why did I “need” to dream about things that either turned out fine (or insignificant) or that which I could do nothing about? This was what someone else had asked me years ago when I “saw” the eruption of Mount Pinatubo before it happened. It was as if I was there, yet I still do not associate in ever being in that location in reality. The only association was that someone who had written to my yet-to-be wife had lived there - and this seems to be the case with many otherwise impersonal events, but not all by any stretch.

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