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Being someone else, and a mutant termite revolution

Morning of March 4, 2014. Tuesday.

These are two dreams in the same entry. The first one involves an ability to transform into another person in appearance only. I am not sure exactly how it is done. I do not hold any of that person's memory or abilities, I do not think, only the body appearance itself, it seems. It seems only vaguely related to a previous dream about relatives "inhabiting" the body of someone who has died during a sort of celebration or acknowledgement/wake period.

In the first part of my dream, I am near a storefront facing a large parking lot. For some reason, I "become" Naveen Andrews (though do not know the name in my dream at all). I am dressed in a black suit and am talking with a few female fans. Most of them are Hindi, one even with a large pot/vase of water on their head. There is absolutely no reason for this other than a meandering subconscious, I think. I walk into a building later on and a man asks for my autograph. He hands me some paper and a pen, and then I realize that I have no idea what my celebrity name is. Instead of outright embarrassment and declining to sign "my" name, I write an autograph anyway. It is mostly a scribble of "m", "n", and "i" in a redundant series, with no discernible name, but the man seems happy upon attaining it and about our meeting.

I find someone I know as my true self (without changing into myself, though) and ask to borrow a pad that displays all the information on the television show "Lost". I certainly now want to know the name of the celebrity I am supposed to be, so I know what name to sign when someone else asks for an autograph or when someone might ask if I am a certain person and I would know whether or not to say "yes". The pad is complex technology with additional three-dimensional pockets and devices on the surface of which is all a viewing field with touchscreen options. The cast is listed in two expandable columns with small passport-like photos on the left of each entry. The first two are Terry O'Quinn, upper left, and Evangeline Lilly, upper right, with Naveen next left. However, instead of Naveen Andrews being listed correctly in the cast, I see that his name is Ruyard Nuttiger. (This name is not remotely familiar or meaningful in anyway - although it could be some sort of association with Rudyard Kipling and "new tiger" and associating Naveen with India.) From there, after learning who I am supposed to be pretending to be, I continue my walk in the public area. One area (originally thought to be some sort of mall) seems like the northern side of my middle school, which I do not recall dreaming of (at least with more correct locational appearances) in quite some time. No drama ensues and I walk eastward.

In another dream, which I would not call a nightmare (the emotions are not that strong or relating to fear), I am back at the King Street boarding house. This dream seems to have a slight association with the last dream of this location in relating to "bugs"/"worms" (virus association, most likely). There is a type of creature that goes through several stages. It is some sort of "termite" (only in a very loose sense of the word as a whole). I am on the Tenth Street side of the intersection. The different stages are very different from each other (I am not sure if some of it is relative to shape-shifting as a sort of temporary camouflage or not). One stage looks a lot like a white sand dollar. A group of "sand dollar stage termites" goes quickly after two other people (male and female), but I think only to protect more vulnerable creatures within other stages (which may be in cocoons). The other people are not hurt as they kick them away. Another is a giant antlion larva (giant "doodlebug") that comes out from near the steps and then seems as large as a horse on the east outer wall of the house. It does not seem that threatening (but does appear to be in a defensive stance), but is still a sight that fills me with awe. Assuming they only eat houses and trees, I still do not want to be near these "monsters", including the smaller ones.

There is even one stage where they look like actual termites. Who would have thought? I walk south to leave the area.

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