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Talking with the deceased; police and firemen antics

Morning of February 27, 2014. Thursday.

I am on the porch of my sister Marilyn’s house in La Crosse (who died recently). My youngest son is there (near the left of the front room’s doorway) but he does not do or say much. There is an armchair to the left of the doorway. My sister Marilyn is only there very briefly near the south end of the porch (farthest left of the doorway). My sister Carol is also there, seemingly younger and healthy (she had passed away prior to Marilyn). She is talking in a fairly fast way as she had in real life. She had a heart attack in real life at a fairly young age (especially for a female), but this was not directly related to her death. I think she is mostly talking about how to communicate with other deceased relatives in the dream state, particularly brother Jim.

Time passes, and my brother Jim appears (who had also died). He appears fairly young and jovial. Prior to this, I had heard an unusual tonal “whooshing” in my left ear in three stages, which seemed to indicate he would appear soon (somewhat akin to a phone ringing, I suppose). He just appears out of nowhere on the middle of the porch. I feel very happy. He gives me three bear hugs though calls me by my surname instead of my first name (something he never did in reality - my surname is different due to having a different father - his father had died as a result of an accident while falling asleep at the wheel or so I was told). My brother-in-law is the only one who ever called me by my surname only, every now and then. My sister Marilyn also had a routine where she called him (my brother-in-law; her husband) by his last name when she could not seem to get his attention when he was commonly blankly “frozen” to the television.

The part with my brother Jim is the most vivid and somewhat exhilarating, with a very happy and enriching mood. It is very good to see him even though it is only a dream. Even when alive, he always appeared in my dreams more than other relatives (excluding my parents) other than sister Marilyn.

An offset scene from this dream (prior to these events on the carport) relate to my sister Marilyn (who had not appeared for very long in the carport scene). There are two somewhat disjointed parts. There is a scene where Marilyn discusses that a vest I made (not much like the one I made in real life) is not legal. It is not legal due to not using a certain kind of gemstone that has been “approved” by one (apparently snobbish) department of government bureaucracy. (Of course, in reality, this is rather absurd as more and more deception and fraud in businesses unfolds as time goes by and hardly anything is ever done.) Supposedly, the gemstones in the partial “vest” (which is a bit more like a woven, mostly woolen “breastplate” that ties up in the back) are not valuable enough to include in a hobby or project even if not put up for sale. These gemstones are in an equidistant squarish arrangement (about one and a half inches apart in each direction) and somewhat of a darker cyan shade, over most of the front. I do not think they are really “wrong” for the project, just not “allowable” by bureaucracy - for example, as a comparison, only being able to use real diamonds in clothing rather than rhinestones, regardless of any claims or actual usage of the clothing in any venue.

Somehow, the above implications are connected to a confusing series of events. Firemen and police are involved. I believe I hide my “unapproved” vest in the basement as well as noticing some sort of weird narrow ramps (two smaller ones, unconnected with each other) in place of the floor’s trapdoor (located in the bathroom as in real life), which I have trouble with. There also seems to be something about a package delivered to the wrong address. I am not really sure why firemen would assume the role of postal inspectors or gemstone appraisers at apparently the same time. I pretend to be otherwise delayed in the bathroom while trying to align the ramps to the floor. It does not make much sense. (In real life, I made the vest in sewing class in middle school where there were only a few other males.)

Later, there is some sort of Keystone-Kops-like misadventure. A female officer is chasing around an artificial (robotic) cat, which is causing problems with traffic and causing firemen to get stuck in trees during attempted rescues (whereas the robot cat just climbs quickly back down each time a firemen is “stuck” in a particular tree). The officer calls the cat a “bot”. Confusion ensues in a highly impersonal way.

As usual, this dream had precognitive layers. Firemen actually did visit our house shortly after my dream but it was related to something concerning the neighbor’s place (of which we had known nothing about). No firemen or fire inspectors had ever been to any of our homes before in all the years I had lived in Australia and also, I had rarely dreamed about firemen in my lifetime.

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