almost 8 years ago
staircase made of static
"White noise" staircase

Night of February 21, 2014. Friday.

This is fairly brief and uneventful but quite lucid. The area is dark, inside a smaller room, it seems. The room is completely empty with no features, even on the walls.

There is a sense of "expansion" and a staircase is seemingly suddenly formed (from left and right mostly) by white noise, or rather like snowflakes coming together in an implied solid structure to an important location. There are at least five larger steps. I do not investigate, as the dream loses focus, but it does seem to come from the Source.

I suspect this may relate to some sort of "final" learning/closure relative to one other (paranormal) lifelong mystery that has remained somewhat elusive, as I finally got the boldness to "investigate" or communicate so to speak. What I have learned is somewhat humorous and weirdly ironic; I may go into that later. I already learned several years ago that someone with the same full name as the "other" married someone with my surname (and first initial) and neither surname is even close to being common (in fact, I am possibly the only one in Australia with my surname other than my own immediate family, of course).

One thing I have learned just recently is not so humorous, though. As well as my best friend (around my age) having had a heart attack (not fatal), a classmate (who was shorter and of much lighter build than I, at least originally) had died about a year ago from a massive heart attack.

It seems very strange that so many people my age have more dominant health issues. I feel younger than I did about ten years ago in many ways, although that is certainly no guarantee on longevity. The Blue Pearl still occurs on a fairly regular basis as it has since earliest memory.

staircase made of static
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