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"Where did the reunion go?" (updated right after posting)

Morning of February 19, 2014. Wednesday.

I am back in Arcadia. For some reason, I get the impression that I am supposed to be at an extensive class reunion and celebration. I seem to be much younger, though, probably only around twenty. I start to look for people of whom I had a stronger friendship or even association with, but do not find anyone I am looking for. (In real life, longtime classmate and best friend Toby T had a heart attack and I have not heard any updates on his condition - he is slightly younger than I).

Around the main high school building are many younger people, probably in their late teens - most, if not all of them, are full Caucasian, many with very light blonde curly hair, almost downy in appearance. They seem to be connected with the reunion but are standing about in a random pattern. I feel a need to express (or announce) myself, so I say, "I had one hundred people to see; one hundred friends to see here, but no one lives here anymore!" That seems a bit rude, I suppose, but then I sneak into some of the administration offices to steal manila folders of information about some of my former classmates, many of which apparently had passed away or moved to a distant location from Arcadia (as is actually the case in real life, for example, another good friend, Roosevelt I, is now a popular singer in Germany). This is the second recent dream relating to looking at manila folders and dossiers on people. In this case, I am in the filing cabinet looking for specific names and dates. I notice documents in various folders that are a mixed-up set of both names and dates, some folders nearly empty, even really old ones from the 1960s. I notice, specifically, dates from the late 1980s, and stop when I come to 1972 and 1973 sections. However, many of the names are unexpectedly unfamiliar.

Looking around the large office, I see that the filing system is in an odd, nonviable setup, almost like randomly placed boxes when someone is moving in or out of a place. Filing cabinets are placed randomly (some in the middle of the room) and all of completely different styles and appearance. This is partly related to my real life "seeking" of information on Toby and those I have not had closure with yet (there are only two main ones that I have not found information on or had full closure with as with almost every other person in my life up to now - I have not asked about one of them, and the person who could tell me, I have not straight-out asked her - she is the one who appears in my dream next).

I see two girls walking up stairs when I leave the archives and administration areas. No one else (no school authority, that is) notices my unauthorized searches otherwise. One of them is Michelle L, best friend of the "other". The other girl, a bit higher on the stairs and walking upwards without turning, only has her back to me. Michelle laughs at me, but not in a demeaning or patronizing way - but in a very friendly "when we were kids" sort of way (she seems amazed that I am still "doing something a human would do"). They are dressed as tavern girls from an old TV western such as "Gunsmoke" - with a corset and a purple vertically creased/"stream-lined" low (or partial) bodice with large "corrugated" white ruffles. Michelle, who is Latina and Mexican (and with likely Mayan ancestry) whose last name seems to mean "the fox" in an anglicized corruption, seems to think I am on an infinite "wild goose chase" when I had already found the "key to everything" many years ago, yet I still "wander through old files", so to speak. Still, there is one more thing I need to resolve relative to my thousands of experiences with the paranormal and the main one who was witness to some of it and is almost as much a "mystery" as the "real" mystery girl once was years ago. Very, very ironic and a strange "turnaround", almost like being on the other side of a mirror than one's "previous life".

I can find no file on myself, as if I never existed. In real life, I would have been the file just prior to Michelle. Perhaps that is an additional reason for the laughing and subtle teasing. In real life, she no longer lives in Arcadia, either, so my dream's scene is a bit ambiguous. The "other" (likely the girl with her whose face I did not see) remains elusive in my "second life" as much as my true twin flame did when I was with the "other". Two different worlds - both inherently paranormal beyond what anyone would ever believe - likely knowledge I will never resolve. I guess I just want to "know" all of it.

Important update: After I posted this, and came back from the store, my wife tells me of a commercial after returning, regarding a brand new (fantasy) television series we had not heard of. It is called "Resurrection" (a play on a possum "playing dead" and coming back symbolic with my own NDE) - apparently about a missing (edit: not missing - died and found) boy who returns, being the same age as (I believe) 32 years prior, when he went missing and apparently "did not exist" (at least alive) all those years. The ad starts by showing him with a red shirt that reads "Mansfield Panthers" which is very significant for me in ways I will not get into (which relates to this entry and a dream of years ago I have not yet included regarding manila folders and the Mansfield name - also relating to a wealthy, snobby classmate and our team being the Panthers at that time). Not only that, he is (according to a short scene in the ad) "from Arcadia" (though not sure of the state). This has happened all the time since earliest memory, but often in a far "closer" and more visually precise sense (for example, exact visual detail even over weeks or years, exact scenarios - even complex detailed ones, and so on). It also mentions "Aurora" - which is where my father's side of the family lives (in Illinois - though not sure if the locations in the show are met to be fictional - only saw the shorter ad a couple of times tonight (however, this seems to be an error regarding the show's description as with the implication of missing)..

However, the summary on IMDb - "The lives of the people of Aurora (which I think is meant to read "Arcadia") are forever changed when their deceased loved ones return" does not imply what the ad showed (which was only focused on the boy vanishing - though it turns out on the show, he died and was entombed, not having vanished). Forgot to mention that my wife's middle name (Gabrielle) also appeared on the screen with "The Power of Love".

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