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More clockwork animals

Morning of February 17, 2014. Monday.

The first environment in this dream is our last house on Barolin Street, which is fairly true to the actual location for the first few events. We are mostly in the living room, but our attention is eventually drawn to the front yard somehow. When we go to the front porch, we notice about six cats, most of them black, all seemingly trying to catch the same bird in our front yard, close to the tall wooden fence.

We go out to have a closer look - mostly to see which cats are ours, if any. After a short time when we are outside looking around, our house changes into a different unknown house in a different location. There are no familiar features that would otherwise help me correctly identify the house or location (it may be Avon Street, but the details are not quite correct). Upon closer inspection, I notice that the cats are all clockwork cats. I even take parts of them apart and put them back as their gears whirr and move about and they walk around as such, even incomplete. We go into the house to visit. The unknown woman, who is married, is cooking food for her clockwork daughters. They seem quite human, though. It seems her husband is at work doing some sort of engineering involving more advanced androids and such. In some ways, this is like a sort of sequel to the previous dream about the "Ticktockman" but in other ways is not related at all.

I even ask about the clockwork bird from that dream in a way (though do not seem aware of having had that dream in any pondering sense - it remains in the back of my mind so to speak). I ask her if clockwork creations can actually fly (the bird did in the previous related dream) - stating it along the lines of implying "have they found a way to do that yet?" I think the answer is yes, but I do not catch all of what is said. The woman is washing dishes as she is talking. It is possible that the bird the clockwork cats had caught was actually their clockwork bird that had gotten out of its cage in the house. This issue is actually spoken of by one of the girls later on. Still, there is a sense of disbelief that a clockwork creation of any kind, no matter how complex, could actually fly.

From this point, we go back outside, and from there, it is now my Cubitis home. I have a very clear view of the flowers in the north side, near the darker red iron trellises. I walk out to the shed in back and when I turn to look back through the doorway of the main part of the shed, I see a tall brown bear standing upright just on the edge of the carport directly facing the path to the shed and where I am. However, it is not moving at all. My wife goes near it and I realize it is another clockwork creation that has wound down and would not be a threat even if it was "running"/working, as I assume it is our "toy".

From there, my dream warps into something completely different. My wife and I are seemingly in La Crosse (via Cubitis, where we had just been). She is looking for details on her "real mother", as in my dream her mother in real life is an imposter (which I actually almost believed a few times). We go to a building that is somewhat like a library (yet reminds me of one tax office in Brisbane in most ways), but I believe is a place where they assign orphaned children to a variety of parents in different regions (this is likely related to how we had to show our birth certificates at the counter at the tax office). The woman who works there at the main counter is somehow revealed to be my wife's real mother through documentation (though she is much thinner and happier-looking than my wife's actual mother). However, this seems wrong at some levels because the woman, in a friendly manner, denies that she ever had children or lived at certain locations. I remark on how much she is like my wife's real mother in some ways, so maybe she is her mother (which of course makes absolutely no sense). I mention the voice, accent, and manner. Suddenly, I notice that my wife's real mother is standing there agreeing with me in a friendly, observant way (which makes even less sense than the other senseless aspect of the scenario). In other words, my wife's real mother is commenting on how the other person is likely my wife's real mother because she - is a lot like her (my wife's actual mother). Okay then...

Realistically, I caught the play on my wife's actual mother (though I had not seen her in years) being quite "taxing". At the same time, I recognize that my wife is nothing like her mother, so much so, there is a sense of her having been "adopted" in a way. The clockwork aspects are related to a prior dream on the "Ticktockman" in recently addressing the long-term annoyances of a troll on one Internet site with apparent NPD, his trolling being like cloned "clockwork" without an integration of more perceptual or human-like focus (and with direct associations to the user name as well, which I will not go into). Additionally, my oldest son's name means "bear" in one dialect of Shawnee. This (the clockwork bear scene) could mean he is no longer "controlled" as much as a child is and is ready to "work under his own power" more.

UPDATE: Aspects of this dream (and the "The Harlequin and the Ticktockman" one), primarily the clockwork bird inferences, were precisely postcognitive (quite accurately detailed in my dreams) to something my wife had seen (that I could not have known about through normal means) as well as being precognitive on some levels, once again confirming how dreams "work" - since this was amazing synchronicity with otherwise unrelated events on the Internet as well. The fact that this occurs all the time (since earliest memory), yet other people do not "get" it at all, is far more baffling to me than the apparent "paranormal" itself. One of these days, I am going to get more to the bottom of it, so to speak, and work out why so many people are "missing" this major function of dreams - many who do not understand dreams at all yet claim to. I understand many aspects of my own dreams but sincerely doubt I could "interpret" all levels of one of someone I do not know.

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