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Morning of February 15, 2014. Saturday.

"I'm in a..."

This is the most likely pattern of a (fractal-based) continuity of a writer I am "spying" on. I get a few blue flashes (known as "The Blue Pearl" to some). I know that "I'm" is nearly a one hundred percent chance or at least ninety percent. It is too obvious, though, and does not "say" anything. It could not be anything else in this layer, though. (Having done this again more recently as such, it had been "I was" that second time.)

Looking more closely, I sense "I'm in a nin..." which does not seem right. I am focused on a different method than usual, and entropy has probably already set in. It is probably "I'm in a nine nine nine nine..." infinitely. It seems possible. Maybe even sillier, "I'm in a nice new 1999 Nissan Navara." Surely it is "I'm in" as I doubt anyone would start out an entry with "I'm it".

It could also be "I'm in a dream". My lucidity "blinks" at that idea and I sort of focus on "K" as a part of "ings" as in "walking" or "hiking" and cannot think of any more associated gerunds though I somehow think there is much more.

Then out of nowhere, it comes to me. "I'm in a ninja village." It starts falling apart, but for some reason, it seems legitimate. It seems forever, but yet suddenly short (contradiction) and not quite with a finish. I feel like I am looking at someone when they are writing on a test paper in school. Since I am very unlikely to be dreaming "I'm in a ninja village", I think it is not me that is dreaming.

Which of course is quite ridiculous in a way, as I am thinking it myself. I do not even know if a "ninja village" is a potential environment for this other person. I ponder it anyway.

finishing a sentence
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writing at a desk
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