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vacuum cleaner as death symbol
sister's death
dismantled crib is death
UFO at McDonald's (sequel to "My brother-in-law's plan")

Morning of February 14, (Valentine’s Day) 2014. Friday. (There were at least four versions within a closer time period).

I can say with personal certainty that (for myself, that is), relating to my last dream, seeing a crib being dismantled is an indication of actual death in real life (precognitive symbol - possibly also a confirmation symbol for others as well). This is based on several similar dreams over a lifetime - each time I also felt that the “crib should be mine” (“because of my children” - the first time being before I even had children in real life) but did not say anything in my dream. I did not check any “dream dictionaries” if this meaning dominates - but it seems fairly obvious assuming they even have “dismantling a crib” - then again, most “dream dictionaries” are based on indirect fabricated divination aspects rather than obvious logic in many cases and many of these scam artists do not accept precognition (the main guiding force behind dreams) due to wanting to promote “dictionaries” and “guides” and such. Sorry, ranting again. I digress…

In this last case, it was a white wooden crib with a sunflower symbol (decal) on the upper part behind the headboard. Sunflowers have something to do with people “becoming angels” which first seemed to occur around age thirteen I think - directly relating to the movie “The Other” (1972) and my recurring associations, as I saw the movie often enough that it is one of few that so strongly integrated into my subconscious.

Now onto this dream (again, a direct follow-up to “My brother-in-law’s plan” which also had a mention of McDonald’s - a bit odd, I think). It is one of those dreams that repeats about four or five times through at least two stages of near-waking as if in some sort of continuity of “practice modes” - this is why it is sometimes difficult to write the “dream” in a linear fashion, as the majority of the more significant dreams I have had repeat a few times in one night with only minor variations or even many times over a ten year period (sometimes a dream that is very clearly and precisely a “follow-up” dream occurs years after the first). In this case, I seemed less ill-at-ease each time the UFO (classic alien flying saucer) hummed overhead or when the vacuum cleaner came in (though in the first few versions, no buildings were destroyed as in the final version). In the last version, there was the sound of glass shattering and it just went to another building. This was the most vivid sound and most vivid part of my dream. I am somehow aware that the flying glass shards are somewhat kidney-shaped (though it was the liver in reality - the kidneys came secondly, I think, based on some details I learned of today).

I am with several other (unknown) people at a McDonald’s restaurant in La Crosse. However, for some strange reason, I am also aware we are near the Nundah Library in Brisbane in Australia (which I have not been to in years, either) at 1 Bage Street. I try to calm the other people, at least four women and three men dressed formally (as if working in cubicles in a business environment) but they duck down and scream a few times.

A robotic vacuum cleaner comes in, but it has gone haywire and is spinning all over the place and almost succeeding in going up the wall, but not quite (falling backwards but managing to land on sections of wheels just enough to get it moving again). It is not that threatening. However, as vacuum cleaners “suck up dust”, it may be another precognitive play on “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. (It could also be some sort of oddball play on my childhood pachydermophobia as the grayish vacuum hose reminds me of an elephant’s trunk.)

Eventually, after the UFO seems to suck up debris or something from a nearby building, it goes off to wherever its destination is. Again, the versions are only slightly different. In one, the vacuum cleaner seems more “intent” and not as dysfunctional as later versions.

I always had a very strange feeling that my older sister Marilyn would pass away on Valentine’s Day (the same day as my father had in 1979). However, it was the 13th. It was only the 14th here (in Australia) at the time. I had hoped she would live another year at least - but then pain would probably dominate and decrease the quality of life.

This dream is along the same lines as two other dreams that foreshadowed the death of relatives (two of my brothers). In one case, brother Earl flew off in a UFO he had built and in another dream both Earl and Jim had been lifted in a beam of light from two different closer locations in La Crosse (in these cases, there was even less knowledge of their state of health being so problematic). This imagery and recurring association seems closely based on the movie “The Frighteners” - which is a Michael J. Fox film, who I also had precognitive dreams about relating to his illness (in exact detail) long before he made it public. For some reason he is one of the only celebrities in dreams I have ever felt close to as a “friend”. (The movie, though, had nothing to do with UFOs, just the beam of light coming down for souls at death.)

Regarding the vacuum cleaner “sucking up souls” and its odd “behavior” in my dream for the most part - there have been several vacuum cleaner mishaps in real life; one involving my sister Marilyn and another involving a brand new vacuum cleaner we bought in Brisbane - in both cases - the vacuum cleaner went flying into several smaller broken pieces when first used. In our case - it somehow still worked afterwards but there were parts around the front and the on-pedal missing so you had to push it in from underneath manually - also, an industrial one where I worked with a stuck foot pedal and I had to vacuum with it in straight vertical position (very difficult) long enough to hurt my muscles - and another one that “exploded” as if someone had taken much of it apart and not tightened anything when putting it back together.

vacuum cleaner as death symbol
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dismantled crib is death
dream dictionaries
sister's death
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