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yin and yang
A look at polarity in "paranormal" dream symbols

In my last entry (not on all sites, only on two main ones I use), I explored how pitiful and unfortunate it was for someone to attempt to “revise” someone else’s life experiences in a contemptible, jealous way and pretend to understand dreaming with absolutely no real understanding at all. That is usually a sign (other than just the common trolling mentality) of mental breakdown and boredom, as well as a number of lifelong personal issues, I would guess. I digress…

In this entry, I will be taking an honest look at polarity reversal in dream “interpretation” regarding the “Yin books” (my own “personal mythology” and validated path). I have written on all of this before, but not in a polarized sense, so here we go - it takes a curious and honest, open mind to see “both sides” in most cases (although there are more than two sides to a many-layered construct).

96, as it stands, is a form of Yin Yang (there is also a funny play on “sex” and “none”). Normally, this would be Sagittarius and Virgo, Corona Borealis and Corona Australis, the eagle and the condor, Motel 6 and National 9 Inn (take your Illuminati views elsewhere if you will), and numerous other confirmations of this present “cycle” of the universe. This can be seen in two opposite ways, though.

It can be seen as Yin and Yang in conflict (in facing away from each other)…or…it can be seen as Yin and Yang back to back and “protecting each other”. See what I mean about polarity? Keep reading.

22, as it stands, or twos when mirrored back to back to make the “waves moving apart” can be negative to indicate Yang moving away from Yin. However, it could also represent the parting of the Red Sea by Moses (or was it the Dead Sea? I forget); I suppose, thus relating to the miraculous nature of using your own mind and legitimate experience and endless evidence to “cut through the crap” so to speak of those negative human forces in one’s life that are oh-so-common - in a world full of disillusioned skeptics and trolls. Or, as some prefer, wear dark glasses and not see anything including your own destiny…or is that destination? Well, it stands to reason if you are on a train going somewhere, you should not be surprised if it stops at the place you bought your ticket for even if you got on the “train” twenty-two years prior.

22 as the pawn (mirrored, superimposed construct) can be either positive or negative in that “pawn” is usually a negative connotation. However, what if you win the chess game? Would you be angry and sad if you won a chess game?

22 as the medicine bag or pouch (superimposed and upside-down). It could be either empty of full.

Let us take a brief detour and look at snakes. If you do not want to look at snakes, skip to the next paragraph. People are oh-so-clever in saying snakes are always a phallic symbol. (I often “see” them as relating to the human intestine.) Sometimes when I think of snakes I think of Johnny Cash singing about being “swallowed” by the boa constrictor. What does that make me think of? A certain female part. The sensual way a rattlesnake coils is could be “seen” as feminine.

It is very good to be ambidextrous (though many people say “amma-dext-tree-us”). That means being able to write with both hands equally as I and many others can (and my oldest daughter is also this way). Instead of saying “Hey, I only write with my right hand - my left hand does not exist - how about using all parts of the mind in unison? What a nice idea! That was primarily a metaphor. Somehow, sometimes, in this society, being able to harmonize with the Source or even the self is equivalent to being deceptive or hypocritical. Look up “ambidextrous” - some dictionaries have the listing: “1. equally expert with each hand…2. highly skilled or adept…3. underhanded; deceitful.” Strange ambiguity in being said to be ambidextrous.

“Kids who are ambidextrous are more likely to have mental health, language and learning problems, says a study.” (they left out the usual “especially if not of western European descent”) This seems to mean that the government (or whomever came up with this nonsense) does not want people who can use “both sides of their brain”. I guess if you can see with both eyes you are more likely to not see anything by their logic and reading both English and Hebrew would cause a psychological breakdown since they are read in reverse to each other. This is the same pathetic propaganda machine that promotes that older fathers have problematic “less intelligent children” (the truth being the opposite) or that that all gypsies, aborigines, blacks, (insert random ethnic group here) are all more at risk (abuse, alcohol issues, divorce, insert favorite social problem here) and others are not. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I see mindless baloney on a regular basis, especially on the nightly news - it is hard for me to believe that people are as dumb as they are pretending to be in their writing (even trolls) or ridiculous “news machines”. However, put the elite lies out there, and the public will believe it. They do not want competition or truth-mongering. This is why honest and unyielding dream-work is so important, enhanced by other skills. “Studies” by the forever elusive “someone out there” are always funny, though.

I wonder what would happen if all these absurd “dream dictionaries” (including so-called analysis by pretended “studies”) were to stop publication to be replaced by what dreams really are and how to work with them? I do not think it could happen. Authority would not like that at all. This is why astrology is actually legal (even printed in newspapers) in modern times in many locations, though rather hard to believe. It is because it means nothing. Authority does not like it when your life has meaning or when you read anything that has personal meaning. I know this one hundred percent. Why use the Source, the holographic and infinite universe inside of you when you can use a “system” to “dumb yourself down”? I guess you need a book to show you, each and every time, what a cornstalk will look like each time you plant corn; in other words, life is far more patterned and predictable (even in hidden layers) than people want to believe. They fear patterns. They fear the known in some ways more than the unknown. Cause and effect requires human will, though. You are not going to crash your car unless you drive a car. Too hard? For example, you are not going to win a basketball game unless you play it. You are not going to have meaningful dreams or “see” past/present/future (that is, the potential or best possible outcome) unless you cross the threshold of knowing what they are for. Otherwise, they are just vestigial mental energies, which I have said many times before - but pay attention and learn, and anything becomes possible - and from my experiences - I do mean anything.

On doors…Are doors symbolic, or just doors? Obviously the Blue Door is very important, at least to me - and the Blue Pearl event - which is a physical manifestation that others have actually seen “on” (“in”?) me in real life (people that did not know anything about it being more likely to see it than those that “knew” about it - odd - but very good for validation - after all, I would trust someone saying they saw something that they were not told to see other than someone who sees something they expected to - hope that makes sense). I cannot tell you what that means - though other people have experienced it with the same associations (I assume such people are like me in certain ways but I have not really made an effort to speak to them much online as I sense too many “aspects of humanity” in them - so usually go on with my own path).

I can say that a door can be an entrance, an exit, or locked (or even both an exit or entrance in a transient or tentative “testing” way, I suppose). It can be positive or negative - a door to opportunity or a door to disaster - for me, blue is always best. Dreams can flip doors around to where they would not be (physically) in real life and it takes study to see how they blend with known locations. As I have said before, even in dreams of composite locations, I try to “trace” where I would have been in real life relative to the (fictional) orientation in the dream. This could be an interesting eyeopener for others assuming they are able to pinpoint such aspects, as it is not always easy, especially when the composites imply contradicting compass points as they sometimes do - only when the composites are based on houses you have lived where the two front doors in real life were facing different directions, yet in the dream, have the features of both houses integrated.

I have already written quite a bit on the K-seal. This can also be positive or negative. When letter K is in the more obvious “envelope” symbolism mode, it can be positive or negative depending on the message or “letter” you receive (though “K” is also a play on “key” meaning you could end up marrying your pen pal I suppose, oh wait…). These days, a lot of people do not write actual letters on paper (probably a good thing to save the forests at least to a point - too bad too many rubbish books are still being printed) and only use the Internet - but the envelope still holds meaning and obviously will until people forget what the post office is - then Kevin Costner as the postman will come along and…whoops, got sidetracked for a second. When upside-down, the “K as envelope” (that is the “K” on its side as the envelope, but then going on to turn the “envelope” upside-down) could represent negative forces in the sense of the arrow going up but being stopped by the horizontal line. Mirrored to its face, it is the “diamond on the path” which I cannot think of in an opposite way, other then perhaps falling into a diamond-shaped hole.

Letter “K” (half of Yin and Yang due to it being the eleventh letter along with hundreds of other layered elements) and number 3 together are also “full” Yin and Yang as I have written of before. (Then there is some sort of play on K9 relating to K3 + K3 + K3 = Cerberus, the “hell-hound” which is not very nice, is it?) Three can be negative when seen as a threatening “fork” or trident as with “Hot Stuff” if you go with devils being this or that, which I do not, other than as fun reading material. Oh…K? Okay. Me too. Literally. I mean, my surname (historically speaking) can mean “The two”, “the god” or “the sweet” (or “the soft”) depending on the anglicizing mashing of choice when one cannot read or write another language. Try the following spellings of part of the surname variations from French to English in Bing Translate: Doux. Deux. Dieu.

As I have already written, even flying dreams can have negative associations. I know this from direct experience. Although usually, flying dreams are positive and relate to accomplishments in real life. Homeless people seem to have more flying dreams in some regions and this is because “they have no visible means of support” - a very precise and obvious way to describe hovering or flying (at least in negative connotation). I have written this same material previously, but people have short memories, it seems.

I may write more on polarity in so-called symbolism in the near future. It is an important concept and “awakening” to people that can only see one side of the same coin.

yin and yang
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