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More about music in dreams; additional notes on paranormal

I had been working on a large series of dream meanings (relevant only to my own continuously paranormal path in life and in addition to my own generic "dictionary" series on a couple sites) as well as working on a set of previously unposted dreams with music in them.

During this time, I uncovered yet another series of layers regarding my path in life and how everything I'd seen since birth being seemingly specifically designed for me in very complex "in joke" ways to the point of obviously being beyond "impossible" for people who do not even believe in anything "unusual" in the first place - something I find astounding to this day, but I roll with it with pleasure - regardless of how incredibly redundant and "silly" it all is. After all, this has been validated time and time again much to the dismay of certain people who'd rather not even think about it or what it could mean, thousands of times over in subtle and intricate layers - over fifty years or so.

At any rate, my wife just happened to do a search on "96 Tears" by the oh-so-hilarious over-the-top "hint" of "Question Mark and the Mysterians" (which I even laughed at the universe for "doing for me" when I was very young). Even regarding then, I think the "96" in some cases is Yin and Yang moving away from each other (contrary to the "69" Yin Yang representation), as the song is negative in that meaning, including the lines "...and I might wave, come up here, but I don`t see you waving now" (reference to the back-to-back mirrored twos of Yin and Yang as waves moving apart or conflict with other influences as waves, as opposed to the face to face twos as the heart on the plane which is Yin and Yang in harmony). Other lines; "Too many teardrops for one heart to be crying, too many teardrops for one heart to carry on; you`re way on top now since you left me" and a few subtle references to the "two hemispheres" (American and Australian "crowns" or Crowned Lovers of Destiny/Crown of Destiny or "The Lover Crowned"). Additionally, because of its shape, a teardrop can also represent either Yin or Yang in the "unlinked" (suggesting crying out of loneliness) swirling form.

At any rate, additionally, my wife found something amusing recently - from 1996 - a couple years after we had already married. It is an actual book called "96 Tears" - apparently some sort of amusing detective novel (yet again with the "mystery"). On the very first page is the line "She looked like Zsa Zsa Gabor...". My wife and I have continuously been astounded by the Universe's sense of humor. The book is written by Doug J. Swanson ("Swan son" - another play on Yin and Yang and the number two represented by a swan or number 22 as two swans, which are "mirrored" face to face in some wedding decorations as the heart shape). Zsa Zsa also represents number 22 with the two Zs (looking like a two, but when mirrored - looking like the bottom half of the heart on the plane - identified as the Australian Yin - Corona Australis/Virgo/6 and so on), which are also in my wife's non-anglicized first name - as well as the connection to the other Gabor that demonstrated more "funny business" with the two animated cat movies ("Gay Purr-ee" to the later "The Aristocats" - this being only because I could not tell them apart when younger, so the "humor" was even more complex than originally thought - but that's a long story I have already written just a little on.)

Meanwhile, an additional note on "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane", which has several not-so-subtle clues for me. First heard when my wife was nine days old (as they say "nine days old" at the end of the song, and heard nine days after the eclipse - "nine days old" being an anagram of "So landed Yin", haha, although nine is technically "my" number), and mentions the "whirl" and "girl" (yet another Yin symbol, and rhyming with another - "swirl"/or spiral - indicating the spiral-like "cycling"/"circling" and all falling back to 69 or 96 - the cycling "teardrops" or raindrops or whatever you prefer.) At any rate, I made a note that Burl Ives (a main celebrity-based symbol for denial of the Crown of Destiny due to his role in "The Bermuda Depths") also mentions "Shady Lane" in his old "Big Rock Candy Mountain" song which my father also used to sing - although there are a lot of different versions. Meanwhile, as more fun play, "Crown of Destiny" can make the anagram of "Condor Yin Wefts" or whatever order is preferred. This relates to another prophecy on; "the Eagle from the North and the Condor from the South", a personal reflection identifying Yin as the condor (Corona Australis) and is also a play on weft, woof, and warp, etc. (a play on the universe making it all happen as if weaving the plot together in higher levels or dimensions) - which someone we know used to joke about, along with Australians calling Americans "Yank" which I first misheard as someone calling me "Yang" and it was one of those "absent moments"...haha. (I can even make a play on "Astral Yin" - but that's being over-the-top silly).

I did note the "cycling" concept of Yin and Yang as the circle. There is a lot behind this. I happened to see the old Cowsills video of "We Can Fly" which has a ship's wheel turning - and which I hadn't seen since a very young child. In another video seen on the same night, Len Barry's "One Two Three", it actually has a roulette wheel. Some say this is also more relative to being the center of the "Wheel of Fortune" (no, not the TV show, but being a supposed human fractal construct of the universe - or Yang incarnate). I even got to see "Suzi Snowflake" which I have already written a fair amount on - the snowflake being the Star of David symbol-wise as well as Yin - and has the six points. At the end of this 1951 video is a suggested Yin Yang swirl, which was kind of amusing (and she also had aspects of the good witch from "The Wizard of Oz"). My brother also sang a song with the line "Hey hey hey snowflake" (a Jim Reeves song), for his wife - and recorded it when I lived at North Monroe across from them shortly after he married. It has the line "Now snow is gleaming and I'm not dreaming, I know this is for real". There is also the line "You were standing there with snowflakes in your hair", a cute play on the Cowsills song where they sing "...flowers in her hair" (about the "flower girl" - my wife was a "flower girl" in one Nimbin event as a child) and that Cowsills song has the last line "Was she reality or just a dream to me?" The difference is that in one song, she was standing in the snow, and the other, sitting in the rain...ha. "Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?" so said the Cowardly Lion or "every man"/"unresolved Yang" (as represented in my more recent "Dread Manticore" dream). This also was going to lead me to a writing on rainbows and snow (one of the Cowsills logos features rainbow-colored letters)...but, well, it looks like someone "beat me to it" so to speak on at least one site. Ah well. Synchronicity.

On one more added note for this entry, I saw a clip from "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968). The clip had a small aircraft and on the tail of it was "9L" ("my" number followed by my last initial, assuming my eyes haven't failed). The main song from it - "The Windmills of Your Mind" - has featured in a few dreams of my youth including a few about actual windmills. It starts out; "Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning, on an ever spinning reel, like a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloon, like a carousel that's turning, running rings around the moon". I've already written on the strange carousel business and real-life synchronicity, as well as (including posting the image) the "I am fragile" (said by "Yin" the snowflake) beginning - to snowball down the mountain "I am avalanche" BC gag, my favorite two-panel comic strip.

And of course, the opening to the show I watched when younger (one of the only shows I watched much at the time, in fact) "Space 1999" (where the moon left Earth's orbit to travel through space - like a dream I had years before the concept aired) - featured the music and title with "September 13th" - my wife's birthday.

It was fun writing this entry, but of course is only the tip of the iceberg.

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