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"He aims well, his work awfully deep"

Morning of February 5, 2014. Wednesday.

This one is silly and "in and out lucid" in a "wait, where was I and what was I doing...oh that's right" kind of way.

I go into an office to be hired, seemingly, as a bulldozer operator or something. The head of the office who is hiring people is Danny Bruno, as Bud the Eisbiber. Well, what next?

I am oddly interested in someone else's employment history - not sure if this is casual pretense to make it look like I am interested in the company. Bud grabs a folder, saying "He aims well, but his work...awful deep..."

Something is in the back of my mind that reminds of something very familiar that I have heard thousands, perhaps millions of times...something relating to "awful deep" and "work awful deep" as well as "aims well".

"Wait...what?" I ask, in a sort of rude way, likely forgetting the (implied) formal setting.

"His aim is good, but his work is so awfully deep at times."

"That's not what you said before," I say, trying to sound particular. "Wait a minute..." I continue. Bud looks terrified. He jumps from his chair and runs out of the room to hide behind the corner of a desk in a different office.

I remember that "awful deep" (or "awfully deep" depending on the speed or accent) is the audio reversal of "beautiful". "Work awful deep" is the audio reversal (as close to English as possible) of "beautiful girl". "Aims well" (also "aims vow" depending on vocal nuances) is the audio reversal of "loves me". This seems hilarious for some reason.

"He aims well, his work awfully deep" sounds a bit like the sonic reversal of "A beautiful girl I see, loves me", which I have known for over twenty years.

Even though he is an Eisbiber, I get the impression of a "mouse man" (whatever those are called, I forget). My wife shows up in her "white shadow" form. Bud is annoyed by the pieces of the ceiling falling on his head. "Follow and serve do We" (Universal Love), I say.

"Dig deeply to uproot the gardenia," he reminds me nervously. ("I need God to close the big gate" - whatever that means.)

danny bruno
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bud the eisbiber
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grim television show influence
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