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A look at composite homes and other locations in dreams

Some of the details in this entry, I have written of very recently regarding certain dreams, but this is to have a closer look at why combined locations and superimpositions appear so often in (my) dreams. Are there rules or is it due to lack of focus when in the dream state - or combined holographic memories based on perceptions of different time periods; past, present, and future.

A recent trend seems to be to combine the backyard of my old home in Florida with the front area of our last home in Australia, although throughout my life, there have been many variations of such. As I said in a recent entry, directional orientation is very ambiguous. In this case the Florida home was oriented east of the road (highway) and the Australian home was on the west side of the street so that North and South would be indeterminable other than when in the particular area of the composite home - in this case almost seemingly perfectly half and half. It changes so casually there is no confusion, not even subtle - it simply seems as it should be. My first guess in this particular case was that the backyard was the past (or things "behind me") just as east or left side often represents the past. The front part is what I had "recently faced" since living in Australia, but that reasoning isn't really the case in all such composites.

However, there have also been composites where most of it was my home in Florida, yet the side yard, backyard, and front were a place we lived at in Brisbane over ten years ago, again with very ambiguous directional orientation.

My home on King Street, which was actually a boarding house, rarely seemed to have any serious alterations with other buildings mixed in, though there were often changes in how the apartments were arranged and unusual extra features at times. The house we live in now, I dream of the least frequently of any place I have ever lived even though we have lived in this house longer than any other place since I have been in Australia.

Not all dreams have such composite structures - I still have dreams where my Cubitis home is much the same as it was - as well as the last place we lived in some cases - and I have already written of the strange seeming paradox that resolved a dream of about forty years ago at the same time this house and the one I had lived in when younger ended up looking very similar, way against any chances of such to the point of the unknown occupants even completely changing the outer walls and adding a variegated taller brown wooden fence like the one we have now.

Also, as I had confirmed often, composite locations may "borrow" from future homes or buildings not yet visited or known of. This even happened with aspects of the Rose Street apartment which no longer exists. There was a period where I dreamed of Rose Street more often than where I was living at the time and it was sometimes blended with houses I did not live in or know of until I came to Australia.

Other common experiences in dreams regarding indoor locations have been living in a large clothing store or shopping mall, sometimes on the second floor. Visiting a library (or sometimes a book store) "after hours" only (by which only certain mysterious books seem to be available, although other people are sometimes there). Libraries in my dreams are fairly generic (unknown) although many have been based on a few I have been to but mirrored or altered perpendicular to their actual location.

Several times I have been in a known building, but when I left it, I was in a different city, but still on a familiar street.

Probably the most generic locations for me (relative to indoor locations) are variations on shopping centers and unusual parts of a city I hadn't been to very often. Sometimes my old house on King Street will switch locations, for example, often shift a few streets to the southwest in many cases. Sometimes when I work out what is actually there (what building or whatever that is there in reality - although sometimes the landscape itself changes), I pick up "clues" and ideas on possible (even likely) meaning.

I was going to include some mashed composites for visual aid but I think it might be too hard as well as perhaps annoy people who may be living in those locations now so I have not identified any image by address or location even with regard to country.

common composites in dreams
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