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blown-up upside-down car
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Demolition menace

Morning of February 3, 2014. Monday.

The backyard and back area of our home is Cubitis, but the front area is Barolin Street in Australia, so the directional orientation is very ambiguous. North is one way in the back, but the opposite direction at the front, assuming the composite is half and half as it seems - it does not seem that odd that north is in both (opposite) directions. The area near the railroad tracks has a very high screen-like plastic fence. Over time, I get the impression that an airplane came down and crashed where the small lake (for the cows) was - perhaps it hit the silo. Really, though, the area is different and seemingly an industrial area with a lot of buildings, including a few factories.

This "crashing" or explosive noise happens a few times. I am somewhat annoyed and wonder if it poses a possible threat. The actual premise of my dream changes, as I point out a plane that flies over the house and which actually does crash in the same spot as the previous at one point - but later this seems not to have happened. When my dream then implies a different reason for the noise, I then see that they are demolishing (fictional) buildings with explosives. The debris showers nosily against the fence and I wonder how close they plan on getting. Eventually, they seem to be stopping for the day. I notice one of the workers in the neighbor's yard, walking towards the front of the house. I yell at him about what is going on. There is some sort of remote control device on a rod - the remote on one end of the thinner silver rod, and a matte-black grip on the other, which is used to guide a smaller robotic cart into some of the areas they are destroying. A German shepherd dog with an orange flag tied around its collar on a small wire escapes from a cage (seeming to be a part of their work) and for some reason the man gets distracted and temporarily trapped in the same cage and falls down as I jab him in the forehead and eyes with the remote after taking it from him.

On a side note, I have had other fairly recent dreams about a passive (to me) German Shepherd, when in the past, most larger dogs (usually rust-colored or black) were "enemies". In this case, the dog starts attacking the man even though he is seemingly the owner or trainer yet somehow the dog is (temporarily?) my protector in a sense (perhaps in just being in my yard). The man eventually gets up to try to leave.

The man is only slightly hurt, but his vision has not fully returned. He starts yelling about people interfering with his work, accidentally going into our house, but out again, and I start yelling at him "How would you like it if I came to your house and started blowing up things near your yard?"

Soon, there is another explosion, but in the other direction. My family and I go out to see and notice the devastation. The man is lying dead near where the porch had been. Two cars on our side of the street had been destroyed, one flipped. Oddly, the damage looks like an elongated splintery effect on the sides of the cars, almost like narrower metal barnacles. The porch is gone and the front and side walls of both front bedrooms. We tell our oldest daughter that "your room is gone" - although in real life it had been our oldest son's room. Strangely, though, there is no debris, just the missing areas - and I contemplate how to set things up back to where they were. It also seems that none of our possessions were actually damaged.

However, I must first drag the man to the back and bury him. I am not certain if it was suicide or some sort of accident where he did not get away in time after deliberately planning it, but my main guess is probably suicide. I ask my wife where I should put him. I then decide to put him near the edge of the carport in the back. When I dig, I use a fairly small shovel, but get an amazing amount done for the size. There is a lot of junk mail on the carport, some smaller bundles of three to five in rubber-bands. The physical weight of the man seems fairly realistic, although he seems a bit small and thin on average. I throw him into the hole and start filling it up as well as tossing in some of the junk mail for filler. (Aha! - I incorrectly wrote "junk male" at first). It is close to the clothesline and I accidentally knock one orange t-shirt onto the ground so that it has to be washed again later. I am thinking the authorities might show up eventually - due to the massive explosion on the street - but by then, I will probably be finished and perhaps having dinner, though I am not sure the house could be "redone" by that point.

The orange t-shirt (and I notice others on the line) and the orange pennant up from the dog's collar remind me of two things; the fact that my family (parents) lived near an orange grove and my father's orange pennant (safety flag) on the back of a bicycle he rode (mostly when carrying something across the back baskets - I think this was a legal requirement).

In the last part of my dream, flowing into a hypnopompic state, I was hearing some truly horrible overly-modulated dubstep "music" and was getting the impression of a person marching through about four inches of mud, taking three or four of the same steps in time before each one forward. I am very annoyed and wake, working out that the "explosions" in my dream were caused by the Venetian blinds slapping against the window frame. (This is the second dream that was seemingly influenced by this.)

UPDATE: I am tentatively marking this as precognitive - because the imagery at one of the main points of more vivid perception turned out to be correct, except that the effect has been caused by tall growing grass coming out around the sides of the vehicle. There is no way we would have known that the neighbors would have left a vehicle like this for so long. Also, there has been some digging next door and an investigation by firemen (we had not called any authorities.)

blown-up upside-down car
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