almost 8 years ago
The Final Gate from the Last Cave

Morning of January 31, 2014. Friday.

I am in what is the “last cave”; the last form of existence that borders on the “human world”. Not being human, and never having wanted to be remotely human or as limited or ignorant as the rest of society (including even the highest authority), I approach the wall to perhaps move on to a “higher” awareness. Perhaps I am done with “this world”. There is a purple glow from the cave wall, which is a circle around the (seeming) letter “M”, and two back to back instances of the letter “L” (representing our last names in “twin” symbolism), which is also an upside-down “T”. This burns for a time, as a sort of “cool” fire. Somehow, it also seems like some sort of “elevator” button at the same time it is a lock (which I seem to have a key for). Of course “M” can also represent an upside-down “W”, depending on the font (or hand-printed) style.

Of course, this is the ultimate form of truth for me since just prior to my birth. “M” is Virgo, the 6th (Yin) sign and 13th letter, my wife born on the 13th and a Virgo. The upside-down “T” is Sagittarius (me), the 9th (Yang) sign and my birth on the 20th (T being the 20th letter). It is within the circle often reserved for the S and C (our first names when anglicized) or 6 and 9 of Yin Yang. No man-made system or worldly idea (such as astrology) means anything, yet can be a composite to build the truth. Fabrication and denial of other layers has always been the essence of human existence. Humanity is dark and almost always without awareness of any kind - or even the potential for awareness.

“M” also supposedly came from the symbol for “water”.

“T” is the second (2 again) most common letter in English (after “E”). Also, the last letter of the Western Semitic and Hebrew alphabets.

T over M - “cross over the water”, a play on what I needed to do to marry my twin flame.

It also represents…TWO, the final form of entropy in the English language (as a “coincidental” letter pattern that just happens to spell “two”). The “W” (or “M”) also is split into two instances of the letter “V”, the Gate itself, the Master number 22, and the bottom half of the Heart (in continuous cycles, ALSO made by the face to face twos in endless redundancy in the design of “this world”).

Layer upon layer, and it cannot be moved with all the strength of every member of the living human race.

I am not sure where I will go from here. Humanity, with all its distractions and lies, has never really interested me. I do know that my family and certain other people still exist. This is a phasing point that allows access to higher dimensions of any range, just as with polar-reversed audio “twins”. I should have seen this in 1991 (another form of 11 and 99). I ponder my ignorance. Not much else happens but the meaningful Knowing. My life’s path from the beginning. TWO. Even my last name in one older form means “the two”, the other form meaning “the god”. (I have seen both spellings even in modern times in other families).

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