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In the theater again, environmental changes

Morning of January 30, 2014. Thursday.

I am in an unknown theater. There is a repeat of this dream with slightly different orientation but most of the same scenes. My wife is there, but only shows up a bit later on in one version. The unusual nature of this one (which I do not recall having before) is that she asks if the movie is still visible from the seats we end up sitting in. I tell her “yes”, but the really strange part is - I expect to “watch the movie” along the side of the chairs, on the arm of the chairs, to my left, rather than the screen. This makes very little sense, yet seems to be normal within the scenario. Also, a female entity had been present in the row behind us. I do not approach her or speak to her. She almost seems like a different version of my wife in the sense of a “higher” form. (My wife is the only real person - as far as I know - who has ever appeared in dreams in any “higher” way, several times as a “goddess”. The “other” had appeared with the blue flame around her, but usually not in a more powerful sense of actual interaction.)

Later, it does not seem to be a movie we are at but some sort of stage show using advanced optical effects and other tricks. The stage itself seems to show a “miniature giant”, that is - a scene representing a giant interacting with an elf or some such, but with both being normal-sized people being projected (some sort of mirror trick) into the setup from elsewhere. The “giant” is not even a foot tall. I seem to be there to help, but place a part of the stage in the wrong area for a short time so that only part of the people are visible for a time. It is unusual, as the actors seem to actually be there in that small size (but I know it is an optics trick). The “play” had something to do with the old Sinbad movies.

This relates to a sort of childhood nostalgia at a very deep level, a combination of “The Ed Sullivan Show” with Topo Gigio (the mouse puppet) and the introductory scene of the eohippus from “The Valley of Gwangi”. It is an elusive reckoning and “hidden” composite memory - a sort of unraveling of associations. Both represent a small, mythical (although the eohippus existed in prehistory) creature (seemingly) tentatively coming out to be with the “giant” humans. A sort of subtle magic mixing reality with altered form and movement. Both also had their own very little “house” that they lived in when they were not a spectacle for the humans. On a very subtle but meticulous note, there was a vague link to a new drink I tried in real life called “Shasta Fiesta Punch” (this is the first time I have seen Shasta available in Australia - at least in this region). Shasta is the character from “The Horse and His Boy” (relating to the eohippus) and there is also “La Fiesta del Topo Gigio” (the mouse). This rather vague synchronicity is near-invisible, but it is there. However, it still begs the “Which came first?” question. Did I select that particular Shasta flavor because of some vague hidden memory, or was the dream already formed for the evening for the most part? No way of really knowing - but I do know my “stunned” childlike enjoyment of the eohippus scene probably manifested from my unaware association with Topo Gigio. In fact, doing research, I have seen the male observers at one point, were in the exact same stance, leaning slightly to the left with right fist on hip.

The other dream involved being a teenager living in Cubitis yet again. My brother Jim (deceased) is there. He seems cheerful. I am cleaning my room and putting furniture exactly in its place and putting things in order, but somehow the room seems much bigger, although in after-thought, it was actually the correct size (as in reality).

I note that the grass, for about five feet from the highway (there is no traffic), is completely dead and even waxy as if supposedly (by whatever implied “science” this dream is using) from some sort of extreme heat and curling about in complex patterns (yet seems longer and somehow more “vibrant” than the rest of the lawn). The rest of the lawn is also dead and brown and yellow, but without the ominous waxy sheen and a bit shorter. This seems to imply that the Earth has gotten too close to the sun. I notice that all of the houses on the opposite side of the road (from the one just south of the S family house) are gone and with no trace of human habitation or presence. I get a vague impression that we should not be living there, but we decide to risk it. This is likely from something I have read a few times about how a lot of areas people presently live will be uninhabitable. It really is not that logical, though. Why get rid of cement-block shelters in such conditions even if people did not actually live there?

In one other longer, convoluted dream, there is not much of a plot, I do not think. I know there was something about a rope “ring” or something in the middle of a large but open “room” (relating to a support post, possibly) in or near a different building, seemingly west of the home of a heavy-set man with a large family (including a lot of older relatives). There is some talk about this “ring”, which may be used to tie horses to, or perhaps something else - there is talk about its length and such. It does seem to be a composite area, borrowing from a room from my sister’s house but shifting it into a neighbor’s backyard somewhat. I know there was also a scene where I was carrying a matte-black revolver around (but not snub-nosed). I am fairly sure it was a Smith & Wesson 17-8 .22 which I have never owned or handled to my memory.

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