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The Alien Abduction and Adoption Conspiracies

Morning of January 27, 2014. Monday.

This is one of those very long meandering and convoluted dreams without many personal connections or much sense. “The B grade movie” of my dream world, and low budget at that.

In the distant future, I am “still” seemingly about seventeen or eighteen years of age. I am in a control station of sorts where maintenance is also performed. The underground chamber is fairly dark. There are three sets of tracks which interlink in some ways and are arranged one above the other in some areas so that a particular train may be very close when passing in either direction above or below another. It is almost like a skeletal-bookcase-like framework. Groups of men (about five or more) cooperate to move and guide a large fire-hose and are watering down sections of the track after some trains pass so that they do not overheat. I see a lot of steam everywhere. There is a lot of noise and it is hard work. I guess the population is a lot higher in this alternate(?) future, so underground trains must actually move across a more complex and larger grid of tracks, three-high, at least (or more in other areas?). (Some of this may have come from having watched “The Bloodhouse”, an older 23 minute documentary, about a week or more ago, about where my wife was born in Port Kembla - a town of utterly nightmarish, surreal industrialization.)

There is a control box of sorts on a large column. Trains sometimes threaten to crash into one another unless a worker is constantly vigilant. This part is somewhat like the work of an air traffic controller but faster-paced. There are about four chubbier men in the area, having a break, I assume, or perhaps checking out the condition of some lesser-used equipment. I wander into the area and say that I am just “looking around” and that I enjoy learning about things and traveling to places I have not been before. I explain myself (or try) due to the fact that an older man (of about sixty) named George asks me why I am “back with humans” again. He says this because he somehow recognizes me from when he was much younger and I looked the same then. He seems somewhat annoyed by my being there. I tend to like George and am sorry that he does not like beings who are “not human”. He is part of a group of people who were adopted from parents who had been abducted by aliens, supposedly, but the adoption agency never revealed the truth to them. When their parents were eventually returned to Earth, their children never learned of this. (“George” is a play on “György” - my wife’s father’s name).

In reality, György was escaping from an “ethnic cleansing” situation in Hungary and abroad (the one he was with was shot going over a fence). Eventually, he worked at the mills in Port Kembla with other immigrants (many who did not speak English). This dream, in parts, seems to be some sort of play relating to the video, where the B.H.P. are the “aliens” and the gypsy (and other ethnic groups) people are the “abducted slaves”. This is done to produce a nightmarish industrialized region that looks as close to an alien planet I have seen in the real world. Still, the people survive.

Over time, I witness a derailing and people talk about how to avoid derailings (relative to “The Bloodhouse” video again). Eventually I go to a group that is familiar with the adoption situations and coverups. A lot of Polish people were also abducted at one point in history. I want to find out about George’s real parents as this would seem to bring closure for him. (This is not related at all to any personal real-life scenario of any kind.) I go up to some sort of machine - somewhat reminiscent of an old and disused commercial video game kiosk - and insert a device that is somewhat like an old-style computer monitor (but lighter) into the hollow section. I enter some sort of access codes. The entire history of Earth is available. There are scenes of dinosaurs and flying pterodactyls and later on, in a later era, the activities of cavemen. I tell someone about a species of dinosaur that could speak, comparable to parrots as set apart from other birds. There is an idea that the first dragon was a pterodactyl and there is a cheap-looking cartoon that relates these ideas. I also supposedly lived during these times and seem to have vague memories of my prehistoric past, even being in the dinosaur eras long before they died out to much later be “replaced” by cavemen.

In one scene, I am near a frozen lake. A few athletic females are ice-skating. It has something to do with the "Ice Capades" (Started in 1940, Ice Capades grew rapidly and prospered for fifty years. A decline in popularity ensued, and the show went out of business around 1995). There are a couple small groups of people on the sidelines. One group appears to be of mostly older female hippies from Nimbin with at least two mermaid dolls; one with a green scaly tail and the other with a purple scaly tail. A couple seem really “spaced out” to the point where they can barely move. I decide not to talk to any of these strange people. I slide around on the ice on my stomach (mentally propelling myself forward at a fairly slow speed at times), enjoying the iciness for several minutes but eventually conclude that it is not that interesting and get up to do something else.

There is something about blue eyes and brown eyes revealed at the end, which allows me to find George’s real father - who supposedly had brown eyes. I gather other documents to reveal the real parents of all the adopted children. Even though the people are all old now, they will still have closure. I get the impression that George’s parents are still alive and he will finally get to know them.

adoptions of aliens
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